Spinel is a gemstone that is usually red but can be found in many colours such as yellow, violet, black or even colourless. The gemstone was first only found in Burma and Sri Lanka, but nowadays they are found almost all over the world, even in the Netherlands.


It is difficult to say when the first spinel was found. Until the second half of the 18th century, it was often mixed up with other gemstones. Such as the red spinel for example, which was mistaken for a ruby and was therefore used in many crown jewels, or as well as the blue spinel. Because of this confusion in the past, the name is also based on just the red colour. The name is possibly derived from 'spinos' which is Greek for spark or 'spinella' which is Latin for thorn.


It is believed that spinel has a rejuvenating and renewing effect and is therefore also called the stone of immortality. It offers new perspectives and gives strength and courage in difficult situations. It also reduces stress and anxiety.


Spinel is a hard stone with a score of 8/10 on the Mohs scale. Because of this, there are many safe methods safe for cleaning this gemstone. Steam cleaners, ultrasonic machines as well as cleaning with soap and water are all safe. Spinel can change color when it undergoes heat treatment though, so be careful with this. To improve the apparent clarity a fracture treatment can be done, this is rarely done on this gemstone but can affect the ability with cleaning. If this is done, warm water and mild soap are recommended, as the other methods may cause additional fractures.

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