THEIR STORY - Interview Borgioni

 borgioni jewellery

We are happy to announce that we’ve got a new byJacky brand! All the way from the United States, jewellery from Borgioni. Founded by mother-daughter design team Rhonda & Tiffany Bartolacci. They have always had a love for unique, edgy designs. This love has developed into a flourishing business, most commonly known for stacking, layering and mixing various colour golds to create timeless stories. 

Could you please tell us some more about your backgrounds and how you ended up creating Borgioni jewellery?

We started out inheriting my grandmother’s jewellery, (Rhonda’s mother) and re-setting the pieces into modern heirlooms. The pieces we created for ourselves gained attention so we created a collection to sell to the public, which became an instant success. We have grown our company organically from the ground up and named the business after my grandmother’s maidenname which is Borgioni 

What is it about jewellery making that makes it so great?


Jewellery is something that gives people a glimpse of one’s personality. It is something that can be inherited and passed down from generation to generation. It also has the ability to hold memories from special occasions, celebrations or any other unique moment in life you want to keep close to your heart.

What kind of person wears Borgioni? 

Since we are a mother-daughter design team, we have always prided ourselves in designs that appeal to multi-generations which holds true in our customer base. We design what we would like to wear ourselves and between the two of us, always end up with a nice mesh of unique, classic, modern designs that in most casesare meant to be wornlayered together amongst all your favourite pieces. 

What upcoming trends do you see in the jewellery design industry?

Right now, we see a lot of customers choosing particular pieces they connect with greatly.Whether it be a birthstone or a just a piece that speaks to them, customers are leaning toward meaningful purchases.As far as trends, the mixed metal trend is still on target. Yellow and rose gold tend to still be very popular, and ear cuffs are always a nice, fun addition to any ear without the commitment.  

What is your favourite piece you’ve ever created – and what makes it so special

This is a tough one, as we have many favourites, but collectively we would say our handcuff is our absolute favourite. The mechanism alone is very unique as the cuff is secured witha  pressure hinge, so no class is necessary which makes for easy on and off. It is durable, made to be worn day and night. In fact, we sleep with a stack of them and never take them off. 

Do you have a most treasured item in your personal collection?

For me (Tiffany), I made a thumbprint pendant of my daughter’s thumbwhen she was an infant. I set it in a rose gold heart, surrounded by pave diamonds with her name engraved on the back. This is my absolute favourite piece of all. For my mom, it is a green diamond ring she inherited from her mother and father. The story behind it is funny, as it was originally my grandmother’s who intended to give it to my mom. Instead, my grandfather took the diamond, re-set it into a band, and used to tease her about it. She finally took it from him one day and re-set it into a cocktail ring….:). 

 Want to see Borgioni jewellery? You can find them here.