Signature Service

Can you tell us a bit more about byJacky’s Signature Service? 
With byJacky’s Signature Services we look at your current jewellery collection and find new jewellery that amplifies your current collection. We surprise you! It all starts with you sending a photo or video of your current jewellery collection to us via our website. Within one day we plan a short call with you so we can get to know each other a little better. Afterwards byJacky creates a personal and tailormade proposal which includes new jewellery and how it fits within your jewellery collection. We then plan a personal consult and we start creating YOUR story.
How did byJacky’s Signature Service come to live?

The Signature Service by byJacky came to live because our customers asked for a more personal and customized jewellery experience. We are here to find personal and customized jewellery that fits YOUR story. We make the experience memorable, fun, easy and convenient to our customers. When COVID came around last year everything fell into place and our Signature Service became a good outcome to deliver our customer’s needs. 
How is byJacky’s Signature Service unique?

Every proposal byJacky creates is unique. Just like every person and their story is unique. We create custom, tailormade proposals after getting to know our customers and their stories. A lot of time and effort goes into finding jewellery that fits YOUR story. All designers at byJacky have their own special story to tell with their designs. We bring our customers along on the story of our designers to help strengthen their own stories. Sometimes our customer’s stories can’t be told yet in a jewel that has been designed already. If we can’t find jewels that already tell your story, we help design jewellery that tells the story. 
How does a jewellery consult at byJacky work? 
It’s your personal jewellery consult. Whatever your question regarding jewellery is, we are here to help you get your answers! If you’re going through a jewellery rut, we are here to help you style your current collection for a new and refreshed look. Together we go through your current jewellery collection and discuss your favourite jewels, the emotional value behind your jewellery and jewels you can wear together. If you’re after something new, we help you find new jewellery to amplify your current collection. ByJacky loves helping you find jewellery as a gift to others to mark special life occasions as well. ByJacky also advices you on how your current jewels can be altered, sold, cleaned or repaired if necessary. We cater our services to your jewellery needs. 
How important is the relationship with the customer to byJacky? 
The relationship we build with our customers is our number one priority. It all starts with that first phone call to them to help them tell, find or create their story. We build our relationships with our customers out of genuine love and interest in getting to know people and their stories. The steps we take to build a strong relationship with our customers are endless. Every detail in creating THEIR story counts. We always call our customers and listen closely to their stories and needs. There is a story behind every person. We believe there also is a story behind every jewel worn by our customers. Out of our genuine love and interest of getting to know people and hear their stories we create these special bonds with our customers. 
How has byJacky created a strong relationship with her customers? 
We build a relationship with our customers in a way we see our customers as friends. Whenever we sell jewellery, we are part of special and memorable moments in someone’s life. We know so much about them, their story and we feel so special and lucky to be a part of it. Jewellery should last for generations and with that comes keeping your jewellery beautiful to pass it on to other generations. We are here for our customers to keep their jewellery beautiful forever. We remind our clients of appointments to clean their jewellery, but also help with repairs, alterations and any other jewellery questions they might have.