What to look for when buying new jewellery?

Whether you’re buying jewellery for yourself or someone else, it’s important to be informed about the endless possibilities that come with purchasing new jewellery. It’s fun to be surprised, but only when it’s the kind of jewellery that fits YOUR Story. Jacky shares her best tips on what to look out for when purchasing jewellery.

Find complementing jewellery
Jacky’s first tip is to always look through your current jewellery collection. See what might be missing, or look for pieces that complement your current collection. Think outside of the box! Find something to buy that fits you and your story. It’s a shame if you buy new pieces that don't fit with your current jewellery collection.

Bring a photo
If you are looking to buy jewellery as a gift for someone else, it’s important to bring a photo of that person with you to the jeweler. Buying jewellery for someone else can be hard, as jewellery is so personal. Bringing a photo of the person who you are buying for can help you and the jeweler find jewellery that fits their jewellery style and personality.

Keep your Letter of Authenticity
When purchasing jewellery you usually receive a certificate. This is also known as the Letter of Authenticity. This is an official and important document that certifies your jewellery, but also specifies the details of your jewellery, such as the amount of carats, weight or the gemstone quality. This certificate is a personal assurance from the designers to you that what you have purchased is original, real and authentic jewellery.

Insuring your jewellery
Jewellery can hold a dear place in your heart. If you wish to insure your jewellery, you will be asked for an appraisal by an authorised appraiser. They will examine the piece and give you a value for what it’s worth in the current state of the current market. This is a different sort of document than the Letter of Authenticity.

The 4C’s of diamonds
If you are looking to purchase a diamond, you should always keep the 4C’s in the back of your mind. The 4C’s stand for:
1. Carat. The amount of carats measures the weight of a diamond. The higher the
amount of carats, the higher the value of a diamond.
2. Color. The diamond color evaluation is often based on the absence of colour. The whiter the diamond, the higher the value of the diamond. A perfect diamond has no hue. It’s often described as clear as a drop of pure water.There are also
fancy, coloured diamonds. These coloured diamonds are worth even more than a
classic, colorless diamond.
3. Clarity. Diamond clarity refers to the absence of inclusions and blemishes.
Diamonds with little to none inclusions are worth more money than diamonds with
4. Cut. Diamonds are renowned for their ability to break light rays and to sparkle
intensely. The cut of a diamond shows how well a diamond’s facets are able to
interact with light. The better the cut of the diamond, the higher its worth.

Check your gemstone quality
Gemstones are beautiful, but it’s important to know the right sort of information about the different gemstones. Some gemstones may not react well to heat, which can cause the stones to discolor. Others may not react well to soap or water. When you’re looking at gemstones, it’s important to know what to look out for. Just like diamonds, gemstones have similar quality check factors. Where diamonds have the 4C’s, the quality of gemstones can be graded by gemstone colour, gemstone cut, gemstone clarity and gemstone durability.                             ( Rates from AAA - B) 

Keeping your jewellery beautiful                                                                              Jewellery is beautiful and should keep its beauty and shine forever. Your pieces are often exposed to all different sorts of factors that can negatively impact its quality. It’s super important to maintain and clean your jewellery on a regular basis. Plan service appointments at your jeweler every six months to check for repairs or to get your pieces cleaned. This is the only way you are making sure your jewellery is going to last for generations to come. Gold jewellery can also be cleaned by you at home on a monthly basis by using water and green soap.

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