Your Go-To Back To Work Jewellery Pieces


Our suitcases from the summer holidays are unpacked, and we’re settling back into life at work. September is a fresh start, it’s the perfect month to get your life back on track or find new ways to reinvent yourself. Whether you’re working from home or are going back into the office, it’s always nice to treat yourself and to boost your confidence with a new piece of jewellery. ByJacky has selected the jewellery pieces to strengthen your personality and fit every work occasion.

Staying Chic at Home

Still working from home? Then staying comfortable will be your number one priority. You will want to look pulled-together for your video calls and other meetings. Being comfortable yet chic is the sort of look you’re after. Finish off your working-from-home outfits with comfortable yet chic jewellery. It’s all about wearing jewellery that you don’t even notice wearing. ByJacky’s favourite jewellery pieces to wear when working from home are the byJacky Oval Chain bracelet, byJacky’s classic Solitair diamond ring or a pair of gold, small stud earrings by BeeGoddess.

Shine at the Office

It’s your time to shine if you’re going back to the office! Whether you’re going back to the office for the first time since your summer holiday or you’re back at the office after a hectic year. It is your time to shine and show your best self this autumn! Diamond jewellery helps you establish your strength and identity. It doesn’t matter if they are big or small, diamonds should always remind you of your strength as a powerful woman chasing her dreams. ByJacky’s favourites to make a statement at the office are the Alessa necklace or Rivoir & Guya’s One of A Kind ring. If you’re looking for smaller diamond jewellery we love byJacky’s tennis bracelet, any of the hand painted bracelets from Alessa’s Spectrum collection.

Corporate, Minimalistic Approach

Sometimes a corporate job asks for a more minimal touch to strengthen your professional personality. The jewellery pieces that will assist you to look your best executive self will have a minimalistic and classic touch. Go for a simple necklace, modest rings or minimalistic earrings. Every woman should own these delicate jewellery pieces to strengthen their image as a refined, effortlessly chic business woman. ByJacky’s favourite minimalist pieces are the Borgioni Golden Earrings, Rivoir & Guya’s The Floating Midi ring, byJacky’s Chain bracelet and the Borgioni Single Diamond Baguette necklace.

Creative and Colourful Identity

As a sales or marketing creative you will want to radiate creativity and professionalism with your jewellery pieces. You’re a natural at thinking outside of the box. Using your imagination to come up with original ideas and concepts comes natural to you. Meeting new clients for potential projects is an important part of your job and you want your creativity to shine through. Colours are often believed to inspire and boost your creativity. Your go-to jewellery pieces should include colourful items. Boost your creativity and inspiration with colourful pieces like the BeeGoddess Bee Gold Diamond ring, De Parme Design’s Nuances earrings or a bright-coloured bracelet from Alessa’s Spectrum collection.