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Birthstone October: Opal & Tourmaline

Those born in October enjoy two beautiful birthstones to commemorate their birthdays – opal and tourmaline. As opal is the traditional birthstone for October, tourmaline the more modern one.

The name of the more traditional October birthstone originates in India, where in Sanskrit it was called upala, translated as precious stone. In ancient Rome, this became opalus. Opals are known for their fascinating colour play.

The October birthstone’s dramatic play-of-colour has inspired writers to compare it to galaxies, aurora borealis, fireworks, and volcanoes. Nomads even once believed opal fell from the sky during thunderstorms as a product of lightning. Ancient Greeks thought opals bestowed the gift of prophesy and protection from disease. Europeans long maintained opal to be a symbol of purity, hope and truth. Hundreds of years ago, opal was even believed to embody the powers and virtues of all coloured stones. Opal is also the gemstone given to celebrate the 14th wedding anniversary. 


Tourmaline is the newer October birthstone. The name derives from the Sinhalese word toramalli, which means “stone with mixed colours”. Very few gems match tourmaline’s radiant array of colours. Perhaps that is why ancient mystics believed tourmaline, with its colour palette for every mood, could inspire artistic expression. Quite popular are the pink and red rubellites, the emerald green, and the neon green and blue-to-violet tourmalines.

Because of its vast range of colours, tourmaline is often mistaken for other gemstones. One of the “rubies” in the Russian crown jewels for example, is actually a red rubellite tourmaline. This and other cases of mistaken identity continued for centuries until scientists recognised tourmaline as a distinct mineral species in the 1800s.

Different colours of tourmaline are believed to have their own healing properties. Black tourmaline, for example, protects the wearer and gives a sense of self-esteem. Pink tourmaline embodies love and is associated with compassion and gentleness. Green tourmaline on the other hand, promotes courage, strength and stamina.

Tourmaline is traditionally gifted to celebrate the eighth wedding anniversary.

Now that you know a little bit more about these two October birthstones you just might be inspired to add them to your collection! Both birthstones have endless colour combinations and beautiful colouring characteristics.

A perfect gift (not only) for those born in the tenth month.

Jacky's signature

byJacky’s latest campaign is all about the designer’s signature. Which makes us wonder about Jacky Swinkel’s own signature. We can all see Jacky is a cheerful, positive, classy and particularly well-groomed lady but what are her own preferences and believes about jewellery? 

Q To start with a technical question: white, yellow or rose gold?

A. I used to just wear white gold when I was younger. When I turned 18 my parents gifted me some beautiful yellow gold jewellery I honestly didn’t really like at the time, but wear quite often now. White gold also brings out the best in diamonds. Recently, I am starting to lean towards rose gold as it matches both white and yellow pieces.

Q. Which gemstone suits you best? Is it by any chance your birthstone?

A. It’s actually not my birthstone! That would be garnet and I’m not really into red. I prefer rich-coloured gems like blue sapphire and green emerald, they have certain timelessness and their chemical composition makes them rather hard in comparison to other gemstones.

Q. Are you into spiritual jewellery?

A. I’d rather say I’m into jewellery that tells a story, about your life and meaningful moments. Call it spiritual, call it storytelling jewellery, up to you. I do believe that wearing symbolic jewellery can provide you with strength and confidence. Bee Goddess for example totally rocks bees as a symbol for female power. I also encourage wearing your birthstone, as long as its colour suits you.

Q. Your latest campaign is all about byJacky’s designer’s signature. How would you describe your own signature? 

A. Classic, bold with a fun twist. My engagement ring for example is a classic brilliant shaped stone, combined with a sturdy baguette to shake things up a little bit!

Q. Has your style changed over the years?

A. Absolutely. Like I mentioned before, I wasn’t really into yellow gold when I was younger. Now, however, I appreciate it for its warm beauty and timelessness. Also, I used to merely wear chunky pieces. Now I like to combine them with more sophisticated pieces.

Q. An impossible question, but which piece from any of the byJacky brands suits your personal signature best?

A. An impossible question indeed! I adore Alessa’s bracelets, they’re cool and never go out of style. I also love Bee Goddess’ collections for being slightly edgy. Vieri also makes beautiful pieces and I love the brand for being ethical and working with sustainable gold.

Q. If you’d ever get the chance to create your own piece, what would it be and what would it look like?

A. I once bought a beautiful sapphire in Sri Lanka which one day will be made into a ring. I love to combine different cuts, my oval sapphire gemstone combined with a triangle diamond for example. Beautiful when classic and modern shapes come together.


Birthstones, they all have something mystical and magical. But maybe Sapphire is even the most popular of them all. Sapphires have been treasured amongst us as some of the most precious gemstones on earth for thousands of years now. Popular in ancient Roman, Persia, and throughout the Middle Ages and loved by Royalty. Most people think of the famous deep blue colour when they think of a this popular gemstone. Even the word sapphire is derived from the Latin and Greek words for blue. But sapphires actually come in almost every colour: purple, peach, orange, yellow, green, teal, and even pink which is also the rarest colour of them all. What else don’t we know about this precious birthstone of September? What makes it so loved? 9 facts about the 9th birthstone of the year. 

Holy Blue Sapphire
Sapphire isn’t just mystical, it has something holiness around it…Tradition even says that the famous Ten Commandments were created and carved from a Sapphire tablet.

Lab or nature stone
The largest Sapphire ever cut, according to Guinness World Records, is the Millennium Sapphire. The stone was discovered in Madagascar weighing over 61,500 carats! Sapphires can however also be created in labs.

Sapphire September
The Sapphire gemstone became the official birthstone for September in 1912. Don’t know which present to give? Sapphire is also known as a traditional gift for those celebrating 5th or 45th anniversaries and is the Zodiac gemstone for: Pisces, Taurus, Virgo, and Sagittarius

Sapphires are Pleochroism stones. This means if you look at the stone from two different angles it may produce two totally different colours!

Sapphires get their amazing colours from trace elements in the mineral corundum. Classic blue sapphires contain iron and titanium, while more chromium turns it into a ruby. Sapphires are also famous because of their colour change variety. Shifting from blue in daylight to blue-purple in incandescent light. Note: so there are no red Sapphires, we call them Rubies!

Scratch it with Diamond
The only natural stone that can scratch a Sapphire, is a Diamond, which makes Sapphire the second most durable gemstone on Earth. Sapphire is a 9 on the MOH’s Scale of Hardness, Diamond is a 10.

Because of its hardness, sapphire also has other uses. Do you have an Apple or Swiss watch? You might already be wearing Sapphire ;) The Apple Watch Series 3 use lab-created sapphire crystal in its screen to make it more scratch resistant, as do several Swiss watch companies.

Safe with Sapphire
Sapphire is known for its special powers and symbolizes nobility and faithfulness. In the Middle Ages people believed the wearer was protected from evil and witchcraft. It also was used as an antidote for poison and people believed that Sapphire could cure illness.

Also, royalty were impressed by the ‘powers’ and beauty of this remarkable stone. Deep blue Sapphires have long been associated with royalty. It’s even believed that the naming “royal blue” is because of wearing the sapphires. Royal blue Sapphires were often worn by medieval kings, some of whom believed that the gemstones would protect them from their enemies. Even Napoleon gave to his beloved wife Josephine a two stone sapphire and diamond engagement ring.
Also impressed by the magical and mystical powers and the history of the gemstone Sapphire? Even if these special and holy powers are only ancient and biblical stories, it’s safe to say that the Birthstone of September does have undeniable magical beauty… So for your next special occasion:
Say it with Sapphire!


Q: Jacky, you’ve started your business about a half a year ago. Time to catch up! So, how are you
getting on with byJacky?

A: Pretty good! We’ve made a jump start in January. Of course the last two months brought along
some challenges, but we’ve found innovative ways to tackle them. Like our trunk shows on Instagram
live stories. It’s great to see entrepreneurs collaborate and find creative ways of doing business!
Therefore we maintain close relationships with our brands: Bee Godess, De Parme, Alessa & Vieri.

Q: So what does byJacky do besides selling jewellery?
A: We spread joy and share our passion for jewellery. There’s so much to tell about jewellery. byJacky
is so much more than a retailer: we advise people on jewellery design, cleaning, styling, updating their
jewellery box etc. We don’t just sell jewellery, we make your personal jewellery collection more
beautiful, sparkling and better.

Q: Your way of working?
A: We completely adapt according to your needs. Generally, we plan a call to get to know one another
and to discuss your preferences and style. After which we will present you a selection of potential
designs. Or, I can come to your place, have a glass of Chardonnay and figure it out from there –
obviously we will comply with the RIVM guidelines. Whatever you like best!

Q: Do you solely sell statement jewellery?
A: Define statement! Every piece can be a statement, as long as you feel good wearing it. This goes for
big edgy earrings that you wear to a party just as well as for the small, elegant pieces you wear on a
daily basis. We do only sell genuine gold and gemstones – I guess that’s a bit of a statement…

Q: Are jewellery and fashion related?
A: For sure! Jewellery and fashion are linked in so many ways. Jewellery complements fashion and
fashion complements jewellery. Jewellery generally is more durable, partly because it’s more expensive
and more timeless – fashion collections change multiple times a year. But we do see similar trends.
Chanel using yellow gold cuff links for example, and the jewellery industry following a couple of years
later. Alike fashion trends, jewellery trends are worldwide: for example the combination of white gold
and diamond that flew over from China. Another trend was the use of red gold in watches for men,
from there designers started using it in other pieces as well.
With byJacky, I can always advise you on other luxury products. Products that you don’t necessarily
need, but do make life more enjoyable! Because I believe it’s a package deal. That’s why we always
enter into alliances with interesting partners.

Q: What’s next?
A: We want to expand our portfolio so we are always on the hunt for new niche brands! Also, we’re
working on an online jewellery gallery. And we’ve got some cool events coming up! Like jewellery
themes master classes. You can sign up below to stay posted.


Born in August? Count yourself lucky because you have got yourself two birthstones; Spinel and Peridot. Spinel is available in a wide range of colours and is believed to protect the wearer from harm and to eliminate sadness. Peridot, with its signature lime green colour, installs power and influence.

Spinel is believed to protect the owner from harm. It has the ability to reconcile differences and to soothe away sadness. Spinel is available in a wide range of rich, brilliant colours; beautiful reds, orange, pastel pink, purple and – extremely rare – blue. Particularly spectacular is the orange-pink variation that is mined in Myanmar, truly unlike any other gemstone.

The bright red variation of Spinel is so similar to that of the Ruby that the two are often confused. However, Spinels are rarer than Rubies, but can sometimes be found in larger sizes. Compared to many other gemstones, Spinel is relatively affordable.

Peridot drives away fears and nightmares and gives the wearer magical powers and healing properties. It's also believed to carry the gift of inner radiance. It sharpens the mind and opens new levels of awareness and growth. Not sure if that’s all true, but it’s worth a shot, right?
Peridot is one of the few gemstones that occurs in a single colour: green. The intensity and tint of the green depend on the amount of iron in the stone. The colour can therefore vary from yellow, to olive, to brownish-green.

De Parme Design
Are you an August-born (or just a Spinel or Peridot enthusiast) and curious about the use of the two stones in byJacky brands? De Parme Design, by H.R.H. Princess Margarita de Bourbon de Parme, use Spinel in her beautiful Leaves collection. Send me a PM to learn more.

YOUR STORY - Summer care

The summer by far is our favourite season, but it does pose some serious threats for your precious jewellery. So today we will discuss summertime jewellery care. How to protect your darlings from the most dangerous summer jewellery hazards?

Boy, do we love the sun. However, just like the sun can harm your skin, it can damage your jewels too. Keep gemstones out of the rays in particular, to avoid bleaching, weakening and fading. Natural materials are particularly vulnerable.

You’ll definitely want to remove your jewellery before making a splash – either in a pool or the sea. Iron, copper and rose gold will corrode quickly when exposed to sea water. Gold, silver and platinum can also be damaged by sea salt, although it takes much longer. Chlorine can damage and discolour precious metals such as gold and platinum. When sterling silver is exposed to chlorine, it can turn black. Additionally, over time the chemicals can erode the polish and finish of gemstones. Finally, water can shrink your fingers in an instant, creating room for your rings to slip off.

Most sun and bug repellent lotions and sprays won’t seriously damage your jewellery, however they will build up in the crevices or form a film that makes your precious jewels look dull and dingy.

It’s getting hot in here! With high temperatures, inevitably comes sweating, which can cause your jewellery to seem dirty. Especially sterling silver is a victim to sweat.

Whether you’re playing in the sand or doing some gardening, we recommend you to always remove your rings as the sand can scratch metals and soften gemstones.

Home sweet home
If you stick to these rules, your jewels will return home safe and sound. But whether your jewellery is exposed to these summer elements or not, it will still get dirty with everyday wear. Take them to a jeweller to get them cleaned professionally every half a year. They will shine and sparkle like they should. Need advice? PM byJacky!

An offer she can't refuse; how to find your perfect engagement ring?

This one is for all the romantic souls out there who are planning to propose to their
loved ones! The quarantine time could be a period of great struggle or great growth
in your relationship. Does the latter apply to you two? Are you planning on making
her an offer she can’t refuse? Lovely! Follow byJacky’s manual to find the perfect
engagement ring.

An engagement ring is an important symbol for a couple. It is a symbol of their
dedication, love, and commitment to each other. It is a symbol of the beautiful journey
that they embark upon when they decide to spend their lives together. You will
remember this moment for the rest of your lives, so you want to make the moment –
and the ring – memorable. In the future, you want the ring to be so special that when
you go through hard times you can both look at it to be reminded of why you settled
for each other, all the good times you’ve had, and all the amazing experiences that
you will have in the future. Also, an awesome and meaningful engagement ring
significantly increases the change she says YES!

In this blog we’re not going to talk about ring sizes, the preferred shade of gold or
budgets – and don’t even get us started on the ‘two months’ salary’ rule. We are
going to talk about byJacky’s way of working when it comes to engagement rings.
When a client consults me on engagement rings, the first thing I ask for is a
photograph of the potential bride to be. A picture tells a thousand stories: What’s her
style? How does she dress? What kind of jewellery is she wearing? Sometimes I
even do some sneaky research on Instagram.

From this starting point we’ll search through a variety of (loose) stones and rings so
you can feel and see the materials and learn more about price and quality. We
decide on the style, colour and shape, and start customizing. It's all about creating
the perfect ring. You can further personalize the ring by engraving it, with the date of
the proposal, your lover’s nickname or something else.
Some less traditional minds even propose with something other than a ring, like a
watch, bracelet or a necklace. It’s all about what feels right for you.

Important to know is that you can find a beautiful piece for any budget. After all: you
can’t put a price on love. American research even stated that “the bigger the ring, the
bigger the chance the marriage won’t last…” – something to think about.
Make sure you take enough time for the process. Especially with custom-made rings,
delivery time can take up to four weeks. And also, do you really want to rush finding
the love of your life the perfect ring?

So, you’ve found the perfect ring, ordered it on time, engraved it with some beautiful
words. The time has come: the proposal! Do you need some female advice on how to
seal the deal? I am happy to help you creating the perfect proposal. Just DM

Something old, something new

Do you feel like you have nothing to wear – jewellery wise? Why not take this quarantine time to sift through your old jewellery box and look for treasures? In this blog I will show you how. After all, jewels should be worn, not hidden in a box.

For starters, sort your jewels out. Rings go with rings, brooches with brooches, necklaces with necklaces – you get it. Then, assess every single piece. Ask yourself: Do I like it? Does it make me think of a certain person? Does it bring back memories? Do I have an emotional connection with this piece? If you can say yes to at least one of these questions, I would say the piece is worthy of an upgrade.

You’ll be amazed what a good clean can do. Basically, there are two options.
You can clean your jewellery yourself at home; Fill a tray with water and vinegar or ammonia, let your jewel soak for a good half an hour and finish with a gentle brush. Voila! Or you can bring your jewels to a jeweller who will put your pieces in an ultrasonic bath. As most jewellers are closed at this time, I can do this for you. Just hit me up.

What to do with inherited pieces you do not like, and therefore never wear? Change them to your taste! Heirloom pieces carry a significance, they’re everlasting and distinctive and tell your family’s story. They are gifts of love and meant to be worn and talked about. Some simple adjustments may already do the trick. A not so pretty ring with a beautiful gemstone? Let’s replace that ring! Never the right occasion to wear grandma’s collier? Why not transform it into a bracelet you’ll want to wear on a daily basis? Are the pieces beyond saving? We can always melt up gold into a pendant. The possibilities are truly infinite. Here, also, I am happy to assist you in this process.

Never feel guilty about adjusting inherited jewellery. The energy and love of the person who used to wear it – or the person that gave it to you – is still in the material. And I am convinced that he or she would rather have you wear it, than for you to keep the old piece like a shrine in a safe.

Say goodbye
In case there is really no love lost between you and the old piece, you can always bring it to a pawn shop in exchange for cash. The material will be recycled – karma! Also, it will save you some money to shop for beautiful, sustainable jewellery at byJacky’s!

Interview Lindsay van der Looij - KNAP Institute

“Both the jewellery and the skincare & cosmetic industry are about
feeling empowered and beautiful. Beautiful jewellery is a sign of
appreciation to yourself. Maybe even more so when it´s a piece you
bought for yourself. The same goes for taking care of your skin and
body, it nourishes your inner strength. This all will result in a stronger
and better version of yourself; a go-getter woman.”
Lindsay van der Looij is the co-owner of KNAP Institute. Shortly after
opening the first clinic in February 2012, KNAP became Amsterdam’s
favourite beauty hotspot, loved and praised by many celebrities. A little over
a year ago Lindsay a second clinic in
Amsterdam. We talked to her about her journey as a female entrepreneur,
beauty and jewellery.

“Before I started my own business, I was already working as a skin
specialist in my home in Brabant – where I used to live. Meanwhile, I
was working as an account manager for three different cosmetic brands.
When I visited Amsterdam with a friend I knew that Amsterdam was the city
where I wanted to open my own clinic, and so I did. Within no time the clinic
was a big success and I partnered up with cosmetic doctor Annebeth
Kroeskop so we could offer a full service clinic where the best of skin
therapy and cosmetic treatments come together. A unique combination that
didn’t exist at that time. A second clinic was recently opened as the
calendars were always fully booked and it was just time for expansion.”

“Being a female entrepreneur makes me feel like I am in full charge and
control of my dreams and desires. I love working on my own brand and
expanding the business. Another thing I really like in my job is being a
people manager and building strong and solid teams that can offer my
clients the best for their skin and body. Being an entrepreneur truly
energizes me and gives me a strong feeling of independency. There are so many opportunities and ideas on my desk that I
want to fulfill. Every morning I wake up with great excitement because I
know that each day will give me the opportunity to work on the next steps.
Being a female entrepreneur, I think, enables me even more to relate to the
needs of my clients. Of course we also offer our treatments for men but our
main customer base is female. Like no other, I know exactly what makes
women happy; a beautiful, strong skin and body. Looking your best
empowers yourself and empowerment helps to achieve goals; no matter
what they are.”

”My favourite jewellery piece is my watch. It was a present to myself after
my first success with KNAP. It has a deep meaning for me as it symbolizes
power and my inner strength to achieve my goals. My watch is something I
wear every single day; as a busy woman I have tons of meetings so it´s
also functional: being on time is something I value deeply.
I like strong statement pieces as they represent my personality. I am a go-
getter. If I have something on my mind I will do everything to reach that
goal. So, my jewellery is bold and clean. Straight to the point!”

Diamonds are forever!

Diamonds are forever. And it takes forever for them to grow, natural diamonds
have ages up to 3.5 billion years. Most were formed inside the earth’s mantle and
carried to the surface during volcanic eruptions. Diamond is mainly found in the
south of Africa, but also in Australia, Russia, Canada and Brazil.

Under pressure
Diamond is a solid form of pure carbon. Under huge pressure and heat, carbon will
crystallise and be found as a double pyramid. Diamond is the hardest known
natural material; it scores a 10 on Mohs hardness scale and can only be scratched
with … another diamond. A diamond’s hardness depends on its purity, crystalline
perfection and orientation – the latter two concern the way the atoms arranged
during crystallisation and the structure of the diamond. Because of its hardness,
diamond is very suitable as a gemstone in jewellery and particularly in engagement
and wedding rings. As these are worn every day, you don’t want them to scratch!

The four C’s
A diamond four C's represent the four main components of its structure and
beauty: Cut, Colour, Carat and Clarity. The four C’s together determine a
diamond’s worth.

Rough diamonds are turned into gemstones by the delicate process of cutting and
polishing, during which the stone loses up to 50% or 60% of its weight. This takes a
lot of skills, knowledge and craftmanship: not quite a do-it-yourself kinda job. After
careful analysis of the stone, its flaws, crystalline perfection and orientation, the
optimal cutting shape (Cut) is chosen: Brilliant, Pear, Baguette, Princess or Heart.
Also, the diamonds will be polished, if that isn’t done correctly the reflection of the
stone is not optimal. The polishing is assessed with Excellent, Very good, Good,
Medium or Poor.

Pure diamonds are colourless, but impurities and structural defects cause diamonds
to occur in the whole spectrum of the rainbow: brown, yellow, orange, red, pink,
purple, blue, green, black, grey and white. The colourlessness of diamond ranges
from D (colourless) to O.

The term Carat refers to the overall weight of a diamond, because instead of
ounces or grams, diamonds are weighed in carats. A diamond’s carat weight is not
the same as its size; a common mistake. It is possible for two diamonds to have the
same carat weight and yet be different sizes.

Finally, the clarity refers to the absence of blemished and inclusions, ranging from
Flawless to Included on the GIA Diamond Clarity Scale.

Tips and tricks
Before you go diamond hunting, some tips and tricks:

1. Preferably check the loose stone without its setting,
especially for bigger stones from 1.00 carat. This way
you can inspect the diamond properly.
2. Make sure to receive a certificate of your diamond, that
way you know what you are buying. Also, it keeps the
diamond’s value higher. Renowned certificate houses
are GIA in America and HRD in Antwerp.
3. Are you buying a diamond as a surprise or engagement
proposal? Please check the ring size upfront, determine
the preferred colour of gold and be on time!

How to check if a diamond is
fake or real
1. Draw a carbon pencil line
on a white paper
2. Put the diamond on the
line (with the table of the
diamond on the paper)
3. If you CAN see the line
through the diamond it’s
4. If you CAN NOT see the
line it’s REAL (because of the

Interview H.K.H. Princess Margarita de Bourbon de Parme

We had a talk with the founder of De Parme, please meet Dutch/Spanish
jewellery designer Margarita de Bourbon de Parme. From her forest situated
studio she draws inspiration from the Dutch landscape, the movement of light,
and graphic patterns in nature, but also from nature-inspired art and vintage

What first led you in the direction of making jewellery?
“I was already designing products before I started working with a befriended jeweller,those were my first steps into jewellery design. After a year of testing and getting to know the materials, we created the first jewels of the Leaves collection. With their simple graphic pattern, set with diamonds and colour gems, the jewels reflect the
light. The Leaves collection symbolizes my passion for nature and for everything I
discover whilst walking in the forest.”

And what is your favourite material?
“I love working with rose gold, because of its warm colour. It matches well with
yellow gold. Pave diamonds are simply gorgeous, so I like to use them as well. And I
also love to work with rose cut diamonds; they remind me of old family jewels. Before the brilliant cut was invented, diamonds were cut the rose way.”

What is it about jewellery making that makes it so great?
“I really enjoy the whole process of making jewellery. The fact that an idea that I put
on paper can become something tangible still fascinates me. The moment I enjoy
most is when a person puts on my jewellery and feels and looks beautiful.”

What kind of person wears your jewellery?
“A woman with an eye for detail and a love for nature, design and beautiful things. I
hope she appreciates the story behind the jewels. By wearing jewels of the Leaves
collection, she becomes part of the story I want to tell; the story of the beauty of the
world’s nature.”

What upcoming trends do you see in the jewellery design industry?
“I am happy to see that the jewellery industry uses more and more recycled and
sustainable gold.”

What is your favourite piece you’ve ever created – and what makes it so
“My favourite piece is the first ring that I designed; its a band of leaves that is both
decorative and comfortable to wear.”

Do you have a most treasured item in your personal collection?
“I am very much attached to a pair of Italian-design aquamarine earrings.
Aquamarine is one of my favourite colours.”

Spring cleaning!

As spring seems to have arrived early this year, it’s time for a big spring jewellery cleaning!
From your everyday pieces to unique jewellery you only wear on special occasions, chances are, all of your
jewellery could use a good polish.

Why is it so important to clean your precious trinkets? Your jewels collect dirt and smudges from wear and handling,
proper maintenance keeps them shiny and sparkly. And while you’re at it, you can check the settings too.

Basically, there are two options. You can do it yourself at home, or bring your jewels to a jeweller who will put
your pieces in an ultrasonic bath. For more information you can always contact me.

More of a do-it-yourself kinda girl? Fill a tray with water and vinegar or ammonia, let your jewellery soak for a
good half an hour and finish of with a gentle brush. Voila! Repeat every half a year and you will sparkle forever and ever.

Interview Suzanne Loggere

Loggere Wilpower is an industry-leading agency representing exclusive interior brands, such as Elitis, Etro, Armani Casa fabrics, Manuel Canoval and many more. Also, Loggere Wilpower has its own design studio for private homes and boutique hotels. At the helm of this beautiful 35-year old company is byJacky’s partner Suzanne Loggere, and as byJacky is all about female entrepreneurship and female empowerment we’ve taken the opportunity to put this power woman in the limelight.

What are the similarities between the jewellery and the interior design industry?
“Both industries revolve around passion for the product. Every jewellery design is a piece of art, and so is every interior design. When I was studying art history, I spent multiple summers interning at a jeweller. So I speak from experience when I say that appreciation for beautiful fabrics and jewels is alike.”

What are the advantages of being a female entrepreneur?
“Women generally have a sense of style, beauty and detail. We women are intuitive about our client’s taste. In this industry you have to strive for perfection and you have to be able to convey a design’s story, women know how to do so. Also, women are able to balance creativity and professionalism.”

What is your favourite jewellery and why?
“My rings are very precious to me, I wear them every day. You see your own hands and rings all the time, more than for example a necklace or earrings. Besides, my rings symbolize love. They really feel like a part of me.
Bold jewellery makes me feel powerful and it prepresents my style and taste. Large rings and statement earrings show what I stand for.”

Trends 2020

The new decade brings along a jewellery box full of new and exciting
trends. I recently visited the Vincenzaoro jewellery fair in Italy and drew
tons of inspiration I cannot wait to share with you. From animal themed
pieces to medallions, this is your guide to years 2020’s jewellery trends.

Welcome to the jungle
From panthers to snakes, from monkeys to grasshoppers; animal designs
are no longer reserved for kids. Nature has been the everlasting muse for
design inspirations and this year we all tap into our wild side with animal-
inspired jewellery. Roar!

Say hello to yellow
In 2020 we're going to see a comeback of yellow gold. Its popularity has
waned since the 90s, but it has become the metal of choice in many
untraditional, unique pieces. Despite modern trends for rose and white
gold, yellow gold maintains its timeless appeal and fits that that much-
desired vintage look. Are you having a hard time saying goodbye to your
white and rose gold treasures? Not to worry, it’s no longer faux pas to mix

Size does matter
By day, we want our jewellery to be small, humble and delicate. Yes, tiny
jewellery will stick around in 2020. Layering multiple small pieces creates
a subtle and sophisticated effect. But as soon as the night falls, we go all-in
with one large, extravagant piece like a statement ring.

It’s the inside that counts …
Yet we still want the outside to look fabulous. Don’t let the word put you off:
medallions are hot. Inside, you keep a photo of a loved one, your life
motto, or even a grocery list – it’s your little secret. Outside, you sparkle!

Show your true colours
This year we have a little play with colours in your jewellery. Coloured
gemstones like saffier, emeral, diamonds or emaille. Like fashion, you can
mix and match everything!

Make it personal
Last but not least. Personal jewellery is always in style; dare to wear unique
pieces telling a story of friendship, family or love. My recommendation is
to create a solid basis of elegant and modest jewels and to supplement
those with beautiful eye-catchers that really reflect your personality and
mood. Experimental pieces of Alessa, nature-themed colourful jewellery of
De Parme or delicate items with a twist from Vieri; let me help you find your
style, combining timeless, classic pieces and the latest fun trends.

Interview Alessa jewelry; love couple Alessa and Yuvi

Alessa Jewelry is a fairy tale based on the true romance and affection of Yuvraj Pahuja and Alessandra Robles. The brand balances the classical with the contemporary across its eclectic yet unmistakable collections, each meticulously designed and hand-crafted with the finest materials available. Discover all about the brand and Yuvi and Alessa in this interview.

To start with, could you please tell us some more about your backgrounds and how you ended up creating this beautiful brand together? 
Alessa: “From a young age I had this creative and curious side, where I always ended up doing crafty things with my hands. Growing up around creative souls and doers it was only natural for me to embark on this journey, one forged by passion and love. My journey was a call for exploration, purpose and venture; which in the long term became an emotional escape and an artistic practice, where I found gratitude for freedom and happiness. As an evolutionary at heart, I am ever fascinated with new and emergent possibilities for out of the box or better yet, unconventional ideas. I’m inclined to pioneering new possibilities on the vast frontier of everlasting designs & creations.”
Yuvi: “I started working with my parents when I was 13 years old, my dad had just opened a jewellery factory in Dubai, so I used to spend my summers with him. That’s where I learned the entire jewellery process, from jewellery design to programming machines and what it meant to build a company. Having managed my family’s business for some time, I wanted to create something different within the jewellery industry. That’s how I became so interested and eventually found my calling; till this day the jewellery process amazes me and has become my life.”
“So, in short, curiosity, the family business and a passion for designing and quality of the pieces led us into the direction of making jewellery. For as long as we can remember we’ve been interested in jewellery, so this powerful feeling led us to pursue our careers calling.”

As a designer, where do you draw inspiration from?
Alessa: “Everywhere, looking for constant stimulation is important. From art to nature, and sacred spaces and practices which nurture my creative flow. I love to combine inspiration of art, nature, animals and magical creatures in my designs. As a creator I spend timeless hours in my studio before unveiling my ideas, but when I finally feel that the pieces for a new collection are unique, that is when I decide to bring it to life.”

Uniqueness; what makes Alessa Jewelry unique?
Alessa: “Our uniqueness is a combination of technique and uncompromising quality in designs and production. A reflection of my journey, how I embrace change, and grow and evolve as a woman. Each piece of my collections is handcrafted by master artisans, manifested with love and created with detail.”
“Creativity is the cornerstone between art and craftsmanship. Multi occasionality and versatility by mixing traditional methods and jewellery materials with innovation and wearability. Mixing art with a unique hand painted blend of iridescent jewellery paint, bringing a new dimension of innovation in materials.”
Yuvi: “A special part of the company, is that all of our pieces are hand painted. The painting process itself was invented by my mom, who used to teach art in my school when I was growing up. She has been an artist her whole life and gold became her new canvas when she invented this new process, which we started using in our jewelry, so for me this is very special.”

That is unique indeed. Have you learned any other important jewellery-making skills along the way? 
Alessa: “It’s not a skill in particular, but I’m still amazed by the way that gems are obtained from nature and the process of making it into a stone for a fine piece of jewelry.”
Yuvi: “The production part fascinates me, I like to design, I like to see how we can always go to the forefront with technology and experiment with gold to create new pieces. I like to try new things that no one else is doing, like trying the flexibility of the pieces, floating concepts designs, using rare materials in different ways and how to make durable jewellery, so that it is a piece that passes from generation to generation. I also like to keep growing the business and I have found that it’s a rush to keep doing it with the same passion as when I began.”
“We mainly work with gold and diamonds, combined with hand painting techniques which give a feeling of depth to our pieces.”
“The materialization from concept to sculpting is my favourite part. The process of visualization to final product is fascinating!”
What kind of person would wear Alessa and what do you want that person to feel?

 “The unconventional sophisticated collector, luxurious, versatile, natural, strong and free spirited. One who is looking to build a lifetime collection of jewellery. When wearing Alessa’s jewellery they will find harmony, personal strength, love, confidence, a symbolism of tranquility, positivism, elegance and abundance.”

What is your favourite Alessa piece – and why?
Alessa: “Every day I fall in love with different designs and gems, but I find myself going back to the Elixir Collections Bracelet: flexible gold meets hand painted technique of 100% excellence. A true cornerstone of competitive edge. Where heritage and art meet craftsmanship and contemporary design.”

And Yuvi?
“I like them all, but my go-to pieces right now are: Elixir bracelets, Eruption Earrings and the Eruption Ear Cuffs.”

So to finish off with a sneak peak into the future: what upcoming trends do you see in the jewellery design industry?
“A mix in genres, the creation of unisex pieces and accessories.”

Three shades of gold

“White, yellow or rose; that’s the question. Or is it?”
In its purest form, gold has a yellow shade. But it is much too soft to be used in
jewellery: it can even be dented by pressing your fingernail against it. It needs to
be blended or alloyed with other metals to strengthen it enough to wear. Gold can
take on a different hue depending on the metals added.The most common colours
of gold used in jewellery are white, yellow and rose.

Although you may think of yellow gold as being the purest shade of gold, the
yellow gold used for jewellery is combined with other metals like silver, zinc and
copper. Yellow gold never gets old with its elegant timeless appeal.
White gold is the perfect choice for those who prefer a silvery appearance. It is
made from a mix of pure yellow gold with alloys of palladium or a rhodium
coating. White gold is often used in engagement rings: its neutral colour makes the
perfect setting for all gemstones and diamonds, as they blend in and appear to be larger.
Rose gold is a gold and copper and platinum alloy, the more copper in the mix, the
redder the colour. Rose gold has gone in and out of fashion, but it has experienced
a revival over the last six years. And I think it is here to stay! Many people love
rose gold pieces for their vintage appeal and soft romantic tone.

The gold content of all kinds of gold alloys is measured in karats. Pure gold is 24
karats, but in the Netherlands, we mainly see 18 (75% pure) and 14 (58,5% pure)
karat gold. Differences in value generally correspond with the percentage of pure
gold in the jewellery, regardless of its shade. It may seem counterintuitive, but as
white gold is slightly more labour intensive, it can be more expensive.
What to wear? It’s really just a matter of personal preference and style.
Traditionally, the rule of thumb is to match pale and pinkish skin tones with white
gold and warmer skin tones with yellow gold. Where rose gold is considered to
look great on anyone. But in my opinion, it is just a matter of experimenting and
finding out what works for you! We’re all unique, after all.

Besides, why would you have to choose at all? The interplay of mixed metals is
currently trending: a white gold engagement ring, a traditional yellow gold signet
ring supplemented by a beautiful pair of rose gold earrings. We even see the use of
multiple shades of gold in the same piece of jewellery: white and rose gold for
example are a match made in heaven. If you decide to mix it up, my advice would
be to cluster items with the same shade; a yellow gold ring and bracelet on your
left hand, a rose gold necklace and earrings, and a white gold watch on your right
hand, for example.

Feel free to contact byJacky with any questions, I am happy to help you find your
perfect (mix of) shades.