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By Jacky philosophy

Welcome to the world of by Jacky!

'Conveying the right feeling, story and presenting you the most unique jewellery collections' 

Our way of working, we work carefully to create an exceptional experience that reflects the byJacky philosophy:

AUTHENTIC | A uniquely personal and tailor-made experience with passion and knowledge.
BEYOND EXPECTATIONS | Jewellery is an investment and comes with the best service.
PERSONAL |  We are happy to serve you on a most personal way; send a short movie or picture of your jewellery box and you receive a personal proposal of a wide range of jewellery and styles. 

More than a decade ago I started working in the world of jewellery. Over the years I've developed a passion for the industry - so much so that it has become an essential part of my own identity.

And now - with the jewellery industry know-how in the back of my pocket it's finally time for a new chapter in my story: byJacky.

byJacky, House of Jewellery, creates a bridge between individual jewellery-lovers and renowned national and international jewellery brands. To give our customers an unparalleled experience, we only work with unique designers. Each designer enriches the byJacky experience by creating a meaningful and authentic narrative in which the designer's treasures and your desires unite to create a shared story.

On behalf of my team: we are delighted to work with you!

With Love, Jacky
Their Story, Your Story, Our Story

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