Day 11 - December Birthstone: Tanzanite


Those born in December have the rare Tanzanite as their birthstone. This blue stone is the most recent addition to the list of birthstones, as it was only discovered in 1967 by Maasai herders.

This rare birthstone can only be found in one place in the world. At the scenic foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro lie the Merelani Hills. Only there Tanzanite can be found. As the name of the stone says, it is located in Tanzania. This stone is 1000 times rarer than a diamond stone.

According to a legend, the Tanzanite was first found by shepherds who saw that a lightning strike created fire that turned brown gemstones into the beautiful blue color. Tiffany & Co. recognized the potential new gem as a similar Sapphire. They gave this birthstone its name to focus on the geographic origin and Tiffany & Co. later became the main distributor of the Tanzanite.

Treated with Heat
About 80% of the Tanzanite found are still brown and need to be treated with heat. As a result, they turn blue, violet or pink. How expensive the gemstone is, depends on whether heat treatment was required. If they are found underground in the right color, they are extra rare and therefore expensive.

Behind the Different Colours of Tanzanite
The Tanzanite has a different meaning per color. The violet color represents mystery and magic. The darker gems symbolises one's achievements and dreams and turning them into reality. Finally, the indigo tanzanite makes sure to represent heart and intellect. The darker the stone, the more luxurious the meaning becomes. This stone is also often given as a gift for a 24th wedding anniversary.

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