Day 19 - Watch News


Every year a variety of new watches are released. Some brands change small details with each new watch coming out. But there are also brands that change the entire watch world with their new designs.

Dive watch

The dive watch has seen many changes throughout the years. The more technology advances, the better the changes. Apple has brought a new dive watch to the market, this watch has the beloved features of classic watches which makes it more suitable for everyday wear. Many other brands such as Tudor and IWC, have altered their dive watch collection, making them a watch one is proud to wear on a daily basis.

Colours and designs

Different brands have found a new love for colour and unique designs. Thus, Breitling Navitimer has launched a new collection bursting with different colours. Moreover, Breguet has a new design full of detail, the World time watch. As the name suggests a world map has been incorporated into the design. Besides your own current time zone, you can add another by moving the big pointer around the map. Creativity seems to be an important factor in the world of watches.



Wearing a watch has a number of unwritten rules. A few important rules are;

Wearing a watch and bracelets is definitely an option, but it is preferred you wear the watch on one wrist while the bracelets are on the other.

Normally bracelets are worn below the watch if you do decide to put them on the same wrist. If you have a loose bracelet, wear it above your watch so it doesn’t slip off your wrist.

If you want to wear a golden bracelet, be sure to choose a golden watch to complement one another. The guideline to always match your metals goes for watches as well.

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