YOUR STORY - Jewellery trends 2022

The autumn/winter trends of 2021/2022

The days are getting shorter and the weather is getting colder, which means it's autumn again. This new season (2022) also includes new jewellery trends and we will walk through these with you. 


One of the 2022 trends is chunky jewellery. This is a real eye-catching style, which has been around for years. It became popular in the 80s and 90s due to the Hip Hop culture. Many lovers of the music started wearing it because their favorite artists did. Wearing bold gold jewellery was also seen as a form of prosperity and style at that time. Nowadays it is mostly worn to give an extra dimension to a look and give a simple outfit a chic touch.  

By Jacky's favorite chunky jewellery are Beegoddess Rose Gold Diamond Wheat Earring and Karolin van Loon Ring. 

Less is more

Small is fine a trend that is the opposite of the chuncky style. Where it was about the centrality of jewellery in your outfit, it is just a bit more of a subtle addition. Over the years, the minimalist trend has also taught us that less is more. We see this reflected in clean shapes and soft tones. The trend was originally an art movement from the late 1950s, it didn't have to be grand anymore. Now it was all about the moment and the experience. The advantage of these jewellery is that it is easy to combine with everything. Minimalism certainly does not have to compromise the appearance of the jewel, because you can still go in all directions. 

By Jacky's favorite minimalistic jewellery are Rivoir & Guya Tiny Cloud Bracelet and Borgioni Small Single Diamond Rose Open Ring. 

Jewellery with a meaning 

As long as people lived, they wore jewellery that often had a meaning, which could represented faith and culture. They also wore gemstones that gave a certain power or protection. From amulets that are a family heirloom to lockets with your children's initials in them, this is something that's getting back on trend. This trend can also be combined with the chunky trend. For example a coarse linked bracelet with charms that create your story.

By Jacky's favorite meaningful brand is Loquet, which has beautiful items with lockets to create your story. See collection here.


Ear stacks, layer upon layer of colliers, bracelets and stackable ring, there are so many ways to be creative with your current jewellery collection. Nothing is too crazy for this trend. Where previously people thought they had to choice between silver or gold, this can now all be combined, including multiple rings on one finger or a short and a half-long chain together.

All jewellery of By Jacky can be used for stacking, but there are also some items which are already stacked. For example Borgioni White Gold Diamond Octagon Ring and Ring Waaier.