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Gemstone facts


Diamonds are formed deep below the Earth's surface under extremely high pressure and temperature, usually in the Earth's mantle.

Gold facts


Gold does not rust, oxidize or corrode, meaning it cannot spoil like other metals.

Gemstone facts


Amethyst is a type of quartz and has its distinctive purple color due to traces of iron.

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Bought a beautiful necklace with diamonds, and of course I bought it from ByJacky. Super service from Chanel and Jacky, a personal approach with expertise. You know what you are buying, and they also make sure your jewellery stays beautiful with the cleaning service. Happy 💎


Perfect service and beautiful product.


By Jacky, is simply the very best in fine jewellery, honest advice, personal! The team at ByJacky is top notch!!! Thanks for the great service


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