Frequently asked questions


On this frequently asked questions page we try to tackle the most important questions to may have: from payment to delivery, from warranty to quality.

Payment methods

What are the available payment methods for ByJacky?

At byJacky, you can pay with Amex, Apple Pay, iDeal, Mastercard, Visa and Union Pay.

How can I use a discount code or a gift card?

Your received discount code can be entered at checkout on the website. Check the terms and conditions, when you are entitled to redeem it. At your physical appointment, you can give your discount code to Jacky, she will deduct it from your amount. Your gift card can be redeemed physically, if you want to redeem it online please contact Jacky.

Custom made jewellery

What is the process of a custom made jewellery piece?

Our process is simple yet sophisticated. We begin by listening intently to your vision and ideas, and then we collaborate with you to create a stunning mood board that captures your unique style. From there, our expert artisans take to the drawing table to sketch out your custom masterpiece. We work diligently until we have brought your vision to life, making any necessary tweaks along the way to ensure your satisfaction.

How long does it take for custom made jewellery to be created?

At byJacky, we know that exceptional craftsmanship takes time. That's why our artisans take great care in every detail, and the creation of your jewellery takes approximately four weeks.

Delivery and returns

What is the average delivery time of an order at byJacky?

This varies for each piece of jewellery as we do not have some jewellery directly in stock. Please, therefore, refer to the product information heading of the relevant jewellery.

Can I return or exchange a jewellery piece at ByJacky?

You have the right to return your jewellery without giving a reason up to 14 days after the product arrives at your home. This must be done in the same condition as it arrived and with all accessories and packaging provided. You are not entitled to this if you have purchased personalised jewellery.

How do I know if my order has been shipped?

We will always keep you informed about your order by phone. In addition, we will send a track-and-trace code to your e-mail as soon as we have dispatched it.

Quality and assurance

What is the difference between 14 and 18 carat gold?

The main difference between 14- and 18-carat gold is the gold content. 14-carat gold consists of 58.3% pure gold, while 18-carat gold consists of 75% pure gold. This results in differences in colour, hardness and price between the two types of gold.

What is the warranty period of jewellery at ByJacky?

We operate a 12-month warranty, this only applies if the customer has not repaired, modified or worked on the jewellery himself or by a third party; the products have been exposed to abnormal conditions or carelessness or contrary to the packaging instructions provided by byJacky.

Does ByJacky possibly offer service repair for jewellery?

We will be happy to look with you at how we can make or alter a piece of jewellery so that you can start wearing all your jewellery again.

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Sizes and maintenance

How can I find my perfect size for a ring of ByJacky?

If you're a man looking to get a ring for your partner, we recommend sneaking a ring with you or sliding a ring around your little finger and noting where it comes to. In case you don't know your own ring size, we have a tool below to find out.

What are the instructions for maintenance of ByJacky jewellery?

This differs per piece of jewellery, especially per gemstone incorporated in the jewellery. We recommend consulting our stone care page to see which care instructions apply to you.

Appointments and engagement rings

How can I make an appointment with ByJacky to come see the collection?

You can make an appointment with Jacky via our contact form on the button below, in addition, it is also possible to contact her by phone via the button on the top right of this page.

Does byJacky also offer engagement rings?

Yes, we definitely have engagement rings. For this, we work in two ways, we have a collection of engagement rings. In addition, you can also have it designed yourself with our custom-made process.


Have the diamonds been certified?

All our diamonds have GIA or HRD certification and we source them from reliable suppliers close to the source. If you buy a piece of jewellery from one of our designers, you will get a certificate from the brand with it.

How can you evaluate the quality of a diamond?

Jacky has her certification as an HRD diamond expert, making her qualified to distinguish the quality of diamonds. In addition, we always recommend buying a diamond with a certificate.


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