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engagement ring

Engagement rings have been a part of our and many other cultures for thousands of years. Over time certain rules and preferences developed. In this blog, we will inform you all about these special rings.


Surprisingly, the rings did not start as a sign of love - it was a sign of ownership. They originated in ancient Rome. Women would wear them to confirm their financial contracts with their husbands, as he would provide for them. According to GIA, the engagement ring received its official meaning in 850 AC. The meaning behind it is that a man intends to marry whoever wears the ring. Back then, a golden band was the most popular. Only in 1470 AC was the diamond added, creating the engagement ring we all know today.

What to know about these rings

Engagement rings are obviously given to commemorate an engagement. But once the wedding has passed, people will wear the engagement rings alongside a wedding ring. Pay attention to this when shopping for both rings, make sure they match as most people wear them on the same finger.

Traditionally the stone used for these rings is clear or white. Some choose a ruby, emerald, or sapphire. There has been an incline in coloured stones for engagement rings. But everything comes down to taste and your story.

As time goes by, traditional choices change. Not every ring has a stone, a band is enough for some. Clear or white stones aren’t the only option. Though a round cut is still the first choice, the oval cut is an increasing trend.


Currently, people feel more free to stray from the traditional choice. Thinking outside of the box is accepted and sometimes even favored. That’s why gold isn’t the only metal anymore. Silver, rose and white gold are just as accepted. A diamond isn’t the only stone in an engagement ring. People use stones with all sorts of colours and even pearls to create that special ring.


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