THEIR STORY - Founder of BLOY Institute

Lindsay and Jacky

We had an interview with the founder of BLOY institute and asked her some questions about the jewellery, her story and where she gets her inspiration from. 

What’s your jewellery style? 

To me, jewellery is an extension of my personal style. I would describe my style as classic and with a penchant for quality – beautiful, unique stones and precious metals. I love refined jewellery. For example, a thin, gold collier is a must have for me. I love classic, timeless items that go with every outfit and are easy to combine. Jewellery to wear every day and for a special moment. I am a big fan of less is more. I prefer to wear a few timeless items. For example, I always wear my gold collier with a small diamond, I got this beautiful piece from byJacky. This collier gives every outfit an elegant touch. I almost never wear earrings, but when I have a dinner or special event, I complete my outfit with my favorite pair of golden hoops from byJacky.

What’s YOUR STORY of your jewellery? 

For me, jewellery is associated with special moments and emotions. My favorite golden collier from byJacky was a gift from my friends. The collier reminds me of the value of friendship, which I cherish very much. I wear this timeless piece of jewellery every day. My collier fits every outfit and every occasion, whether this is a business meeting or a dinner with friends. Jewellery is an extension of my outfit and gives every look that special touch. 

As the founder of Bloy Institute, what’s your mission?  

My mission with Bloy Institute is to offer the most exclusive skincare. At BLOY, it's all about quality and exclusivity. We offer state of the art treatments and we only work with proven techniques and the best equipment. Soon, we will be launching a new device at BLOY, which is already very popular with celebrities in Hollywood. We can't wait! I’ve also been asked various times when the next BLOY location will open in another city. Who knows, we might expand within the Netherlands. Stay tuned. 

Where do you get your inspiration from?  

My inspiration comes from my daily life. I am very passionate about my work, the people in my inner circle know that I am a real workaholic. I frequently read cosmetic industry magazines, both national and international editions, which helps me remain up to date on skincare trends and gives me a good dose of inspiration. When I travel abroad, I usually find inspiration from staying in luxury hotels and visiting luxury spas and clinics. I am extremely customer oriented: I want our clients to experience the very best level of service at BLOY. 

I am also very interested in celebrities and their skincare secrets. For example, I regularly research the products and treatments loved by Hollywood stars and celebrities. For work, you will sometimes find me abroad, at international fairs for skincare and dermatology. I always come back home with a lot of inspiration from these trips. By traveling for work, I discover the latest trends and equipment that we are not yet familiar with in the Netherlands. 

What are your beauty essentials?  

My all-time favorite beauty product is SPF. SPF is a must have if you want to protect your skin against the signs of aging. Unfortunately, SPF is often forgotten because most people believe that the sun does not affect their skin when it is cloudy or when they are indoors. This couldn't be further from the truth. Even in the winter, SPF is a must! Another favorite of mine is collagen supplements. Collagen keeps you young! Collagen supplements ensure that the skin produces new collagen, which gives the skin more volume and a firm texture. 

What is your ultimate beauty secret?  

My ultimate beauty secret. Where to start? Beauty is more than just the right skincare: beauty starts from within. The most important beauty tips I can give are not lying in the sun, getting enough sleep, and reducing stress. Of course, the right skin treatments and skincare are also very important! This is why I maintain my skin with powerful facials at BLOY. Every skin has different needs: that is why it is important to get personalized advice from a professional skin expert. 

What do you want to achieve within 5 years? 

There are many dreams that I hope to achieve within the next five years. I am currently working on a new, international project. For this project, I have been abroad a lot lately. I can't say much about this project yet, but I hope to be able to share more about it soon. It is a real passion project, and I can't wait for it to grow over the next five years. I also hope to open a new BLOY location within the next five years, but this is still up in the air. Who knows what the future will bring! 

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