OUR STORY - Jacky's muses

byjacky inspiration

The real inspiration for myself and my profession comes in different ways. When I'm travelling, away from home, I get energy from a different environment, language & customs. I always talk a lot with cab drivers and ask them about the country. This makes me think differently and freely about how I want to be in the world. This also translates into new ideas for byJacky.

This also teaches me that you should always stay with yourself. Get your inspiration from and with others, but believe in your own strength. Partly by getting a good coach, you develop your own strength to get inspiration from yourself.

Where do you get your inspiration for jewellery from?

I also get inspiration from my professional knowledge area. I love going to fairs, meeting people from the profession and sharing our passion! My business is small and you know many of the same people. The world is changing and e.g. sustainability is becoming more critical. How do you distinguish yourself from the biggest names in jewellery? And this with an appropriate budget, knowledge and the right people. By getting inspiration and being open to sharing you create goodwill and become your own 'muse'.

And what about people?

I get my inspiration from people. What does someone stand for, and what do you want to achieve? People who stand for something and carry it out. That you own your personality! Whether at home with your children, a business woman or as an artist, if you follow your passion you will be successful and happy in what you do. The beauty of my craft is when you do this from the inside, you radiate and Own this with your own signature jewellery collection.

Who are your icons?

I have several muses because everyone has her own qualities. I greatly admire the woman who must fulfill multiple roles simultaneously and knows how to manage this well. In these times we want to be able to do everything as a woman.

I have always admired Eva Jinek. A woman who shows courage by giving her vision on various issues and always in a clear nor good way content told a story or interviewed. She is a mother and knows how to combine this well but above all she shows and hears herself as a woman par excellence!

In the field of music, I am a fan of Lady Gaga. What a power she has! Someone who, despite the pain in her body, every time turns the world upside down with her perseverance, versatile music and acting talents and puts her authenticity first.

And on a business level, I admire my father. He is my male muse.
He passed away July 8, 2009, 13 years ago. Working and taking over his real estate business a few years ago, I realize how hard you have to work to accomplish anything. Trial and error, staying positive and seeing opportunities, showing guts and getting awarded. But above all do what you are good at and follow your heart! Then hard work is not a bad thing.

What do you think you can inspire others in?

It is important to look at yourself what you really enjoy doing in life, both business and personal! I am lucky enough to make my passion my job. I advise everyone to follow your heart and choose your own happiness! Also, choose fine people around you who make a better version of yourself. 

When it comes to entrepreneurship, I enjoy inspiring people with my story. I super enjoy sharing my passions with you, namely jewellery, lifestyle and travel. I also enjoy teaching young entrepreneurs more about sales. Sales is something you can't learn, but you can develop it. Sales only begins when the customer says no.

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