OUR STORY - byJacky's Philosophy

Jacky's philosophy
'Our mission is to empower females with their own personal signature by wearing memorable jewellery'


Every person is unique and deserves their own signature that they can show to the outside world to strengthen their identity. And that’s where byJacky comes in, where our story starts.

Beyond Expectactions

At byJacky we work with the world’s best jewellery designers. That’s our signature. We select the newest collections, most beautiful materials and exquisite pieces to showcase in our by Jacky collection. This way we aim to offer an experience that goes beyond your expectations: because a jewel is an experience in itself that deserves only the best service.


My personal passion for jewellery has led me to become an expert in the jewellery business for more than twelve years. And now, my passion enables me to live my dream as jewellery entrepreneur with byJacky.

Jewellery lasts for generations, it tells YOUR story. 

I hope to see you soon!

Warm regards,