OUR STORY - All You Need To Know About Safes & Jewellery Insurance

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If you own an expensive or emotional piece of jewellery, such as an engagement ring or a unique watch, we recommend storing your valuables safely and insuring them in case of damage, loss or theft. Indeed, history shows that jewellery is almost always a burglary target. This blog explains how to secure your valuables, what jewellery insurance is and how to choose the best cover for you.

Choosing a burglary-resistant safe for valuables

There are many different safes to choose from, but they are by no means all equally secure. Therefore, as insurers also require, choose a European certified safe (also called a euro safe). In this case you know that someone has tested the safe that your belongings are well protected.

Value retention, anchoring and certifications

You should consider a lot of things during the purchase of a safe. Selecting the appropriate officially certified safe and location in the home in conjunction with the alarm system. It is also necessary to save the indicator value. The Euro standard defines how much cash or valuables the insurance covers when housed in the safe. The bigger the declared quantity of money, the more secure the safe. The safe's Euro standard ranges in classes from I to VI.

Furthermore, it is critical to use skilled anchors and ensure that the lock fulfills your specifications. The insurance provider will normally make anchoring the safe a condition. Professional chemical or mechanical anchoring is a crucial component of safe installation. 

Anchoring the safe

Safes that weigh less than 1000kg should be anchored to avoid total theft. Check that you can propoerly anchor the safe in the location where you intend to put it. It is important that the safe is securely fastened to a strong and robust concrete floor or wall. As a result, determine if you want to secure the safe to the floor, the wall, or both.

What is a jewellery Insurance?

Jewellery insurance gives financial protection for your expensive things such as rings, colliers, watches, and earrings if they are stolen, lost, or damaged.

Do I need separate jewellery insurance?

If you have contents insurance, it should cover your personal possessions in your house if they are damaged, stolen, or destroyed. A complete insurance will most certainly contain some jewellery coverage, but it will also mention a'single-item limit,' which is the maximum amount you may claim for one piece.

If it's not possible to insure certain pieces of jewellery under your existing contents insurance, or if you want more personalized coverage, some companies offer standalone jewellery insurance. It's important to have different types of insurance for jewellery worn every day and jewellery kept in a vault.

Due to these differences, jewellery that you wear daily and jewellery kept in a vault have different insurance options and requirements. It's important to choose an insurance policy that's appropriate for the type of jewellery you have and for your personal situation.

How can I find out how much my jewellery is worth?

You should save receipts for new pieces of jewellery and involve an expert for values of older items such as a dealer or a high-street jewellery, to ensure you have sufficient insurance if you need to make a claim. You may require your receipt or value certificate when filing a claim.

It's also a good idea to revalue your jewellery on a regular basis, as the price of gold and other precious metals might change. It's also a good idea to photograph your jewellery in case you need to file a claim.

Am I covered if I take my jewellery with me on holiday?

Not necessarily. Some insurance companies may not cover you overseas, while others would only cover you for a certain time. Your insurance documentation will describe the scope of your international coverage. You may need to get travel insurance that includes adequate coverage for your jewellery.


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