OUR STORY - byJacky and Guerlain

ByJacky and Guerlain have found each other in a unique collaboration that pushes the boundaries of beauty and elegance. This collaboration is rooted in their shared passion to pamper customers with exclusive products and add a personal touch to each selection. Jacky has a keen understanding of women's needs when it comes to jewellery. If a particular piece does not yet exist, she will work with you to design it. For their part, Guerlain adds a personal touch to their products by adding engravings. They have decided to highlight Jacky's three favourite fragrances from Guerlain's impressive range twice a year in this collaboration.


Unique Fragrances that Embrace Her Personality

At Guerlain, they understand that a fragrance is more than just a scent; it is an expression of a person's identity. Jacky, with her refined taste, carefully chooses her favourite fragrances from the wide range of options Guerlain offers. She knows that every fragrance tells a story, just as her jewellery does. 

The Quest for Perfection

In a world where choices can be overwhelming, byJacky and Guerlain come together to facilitate the search for perfection. They show that beauty can be found in the harmony between fragrances and jewellery. This partnership is built on attention to detail, dedication, and the constant search for excellence. So, if you are looking for an experience that reflects your personality and enchants your senses, byJacky and Guerlain invite you to discover the magic of their collaboration. Get carried away by the fragrances, experience the quality and craftsmanship of the jewellery, and enjoy the personalization offered by both brands. Fragrances and jewellery have much in common: they evoke memories, tell stories, and share emotions.

Rose Chérie - Eau de Parfum

The Enchanting Scent of Love: Rose Chérie

The first fragrance for this summer chosen by Jacky is Rose Chérie. This perfume can rightly be called a declaration of love à la Guerlain and honours the classic rose as the most beloved flower among perfumers. The delicate trail of Rose Chérie is enhanced by a subtle almond note, bringing the beating heart of the rose to life. Wearing this fragrance, you will experience a romantic journey with soft olfactive accents of tender green almond, petals in pale pink hues, pronounced pink notes of raspberries, and a hint of purple violets. 

A Unique Touch of Elegant Perfection: The Jewellery

In conjunction with the fragrance Rose Chérie, byJacky presents two stunning looks with matching rings. The first look embraces elegant style and consists of an enchanting rose quartz ring. The soft colours of this gemstone perfectly complement the romantic mood of the fragrance and add an extra touch of femininity. For the second look, a more daring approach was taken, with a trendy ring in a striking colour that perfectly matches the sparkling tones of Rose Chérie. 


Néroli Plein Sud - Eau de Parfum

Sunlit Adventures: Néroli Plein Sud - Eau de Parfum

The second fragrance chosen by Jacky, Néroli Plein Sud, is a vibrant, spicy journey that takes you to the distant horizon. It's more than just a fragrance; it is a travel guide of the soul, an ode to the explorations of Antoine de Saint Exupéry. The fragrance opens with the brightness of neroli, intertwined with the warmth of turmeric and cinnamon, like a sunrise over the Moroccan desert. Then the trail leads you through the dunes, surrounded by powerful woody notes of vetiver and sandalwood, like a walk through an enchanted landscape.

Unique Beauty: Milky Quartz & Smokey Quartz Rings

Combined with the enchanting fragrance of Néroli Plein Sud, Jacky presents a range of rings that spark the imagination and touch the soul. The Milky Quartz ring, like a glimpse of the Milky Way in the night sky, captures the essence of the fragrance with its delicate beauty and understated power. Like a sparkling star on the horizon, the Smokey Quartz ring adds a touch of mystery to the journey, with its smoky hues reminiscent of the Moroccan desert at sunset. The result is a fusion of fragrance and jewellery, a journey through time, capturing the beauty of the world in a moment of pure magic.


Musc Outreblanc - Eau de Parfum

An Ode to Elegance: Musc Outreblanc - Eau de Parfum

The third fragrance chosen by Jacky, Musc Outreblanc, is a masterpiece of subtlety and refinement. A fragrance as versatile as a diamond, and with the precision of a pear-cut ring. The fragrance opens like a flower budding at dawn, with a flawless musk accord that is whiter than white. Just as a diamond sparkles in the light, Musc Outreblanc shines with a floral heart that lights up in a white glow. An extract of hibiscus seed with nuances of pear and iris dance on the skin, surrounded by the powdery caress of ambrette and iris Pallida butter. It is an embrace of delicate white, like a gentle caress on the skin.

The Composition of Luxury: Musc Outreblanc & Diamond Rings

Combined with the enchanting scent of Musc Outreblanc, byJacky presents an assortment of pear-cut diamond rings. The look embraces timeless elegance with a ring of diamonds, just as Musc Outreblanc embraces the skin with its delicate white musk. The pure sparkle of the diamonds reflects the clarity of the fragrance, while the classic beauty of the ring perfectly complements the subtle nuances of the perfume.

Your Story Begins Here

Discover the beautiful combination of jewellery and perfume at byJacky and Guerlain. Let us guide you on a journey full of enchantment, which focuses on your personal preferences and style. Together, we will create a story that reflects your true essence and in which you can be yourself with byJacky's exclusive jewellery and Guerlain's fragrances. Enter the magical world of sophistication and beauty - your story starts here.