OUR STORY - Jewellery etiquette

jewellery etiquette

There are many different jewellery and those jewellery come with their own guidelines telling you how to wear them. Let us help you find the right way to wear your (etiquette) jewellery.

Pearls when mourning

Wearing pearls to a funeral is a tradition that started many years ago by royalty. Why pearls? Because people find them understated and respectful. They also say that the unique shape of a pearl alludes to a teardrop. And thus wearing pearls when mourning is an appropriate choice.

Watches at black-tie events

For many years, wearing a watch to a formal event was considered disrespectful. Looking at the time was a rude thing to do at a gala. Now the rules have chaged and are not as strict. Depending on the watch, people accept it to wear one with a tuxedo. It is important to know that;

  • The colour of the dial must match the jacket.
  • The watch must be small and elegant
  • It is preferred to wear the watch on the left wrist so it doesn’t attract attention when shaking hands.

Gemstones and gold

Gemstones come in many different colours. Of course people prefer combinations when it comes to gemstones and gold

  • People frequently combine yellow gold with, clear, deep blue or bright pink gemstones.
  • Rose gold goes great with white, black or grey stones.
  • White gold look brilliant with diamond, sapphire, emerald and plum garnet stones.

One can style the gemstones however they want but a little guidance is always welcome.

Family pendant

The family pendant is often worn with the names or symbols of family members displayed on it. Presently, depicting the family tree on a collier is very popular. People often combine it with birthstones and engraved names, but of course every family pendant is personal for each individual.

Seal ring

The seal ring is provided of an engraving in a seal stone, which usually carries the family coat of arms or monogram. People currently see the seal ring as a normal ring, frequently on the ring finger. In the Netherlands most people wear the ring on the left hand with the wedding ring on the right. This way the two rings aren't on the same finger. Men as well as women wear the ring and more often than not, there is still a connection to the family. A simple and smaller design is the popular choice because those blend in well with other jewellery.


We know everything about the etiquette jewellery that matches your expectations! Keep up with byJacky for more helpful facts here.