OUR STORY - Mystery of Jewellery: Interview with Jacky


Jacky draws a lot of creativity, inspiration, and peace from her travels. Italy is one of her favorite countries, which is why we went to Italy with byJacky to capture the mystery of jewellery. In this blog, we discuss why Jacky finds her inspiration in Italy and what it means to her.


1. What role does Italy play in your creative vision and design process?

"Italy has something romantic, an idyllic world where beauty, elegance, purity, and finesse play the leading roles. This is also reflected in the jewellery. Italians are masters in detail work, in creating a world within jewellery. The best craftsmen are based in Italy."

2. What can we expect from your upcoming collection, and are there any exciting new projects you are working on?

"In addition to the beautiful designers we work with, who showcase unique pieces every time, we also introduce you to the world of bespoke jewellery. In today's world, we want something innovative that matches your personality because everyone is unique, and so should your jewellery be. The story behind the jewel is becoming increasingly important, and we translate this continuously. With byJacky, we will design limited edition pieces in the coming period. Whether small, large, colorful, or diamond-studded, they will be dream pieces that enhance your signature. What new projects are these? We'll reveal one: the new limited edition collection of the city signature collection from a beautiful country, launching in November."

3. Where do you draw your inspiration from?

"I draw my inspiration from you. Every time I visit our clients at home, or when I am on vacation, I get inspired by different personalities, clothing styles, or the environment. This triggers me to think differently and present something innovative every time."

4. Why did you decide to become a jewellery designer in addition to being a jewellery entrepreneur?

"When I started with byJacky, I wanted to showcase unique jewellery that is barely available in the Netherlands. Besides this successful concept, I found my interest increasingly shifting towards creating something myself. Initially, I wasn't sure if I could do this because, after all, I am a connector between you and your dream; a unique jewel. I sought the balance between finding an existing jewel and creating something special that doesn't yet exist. This led to the idea of developing a small limited edition collection annually that is truly different. Thus, the idea was born to work with beautiful jewellery designers, creating custom-made and limited edition jewellery. Ultimately, it's about your story!"

5. What do you do to relax, and how does that contribute to your creativity?

"Jewellery has become my life, and my life is jewellery. Besides this, traveling is a big hobby. When I'm on a plane, I leave everything behind and find peace in letting everything go. On vacation, I recharge by enjoying the little things in life with my partner, as I am very grateful that my work is my hobby and love. I also realize that I work with a luxury product. You don't need it in your life, but it brings a lot of joy and adds value, creating memories. Being away from everything puts everything in perspective. I also enjoy cooking for friends. I find friendships very important, and despite being busy, I invest a lot of time in them. Your friends keep you sharp, are honest, and know you like no one else. That completes you as a person."