THEIR STORY - Real vs Synthetic Diamonds

real synthetic diamonds

Diamonds are one of, if not the most beloved gemstones. Diamonds come from mother earth, so they are a natural substance. In contrary fake diamonds are man-made so they are not as rare nor valuable as natural diamonds. Real or fake, they sparkle like no other.

How to tell a real from a fake

There are multiple ways anybody can tell a real from a fake diamond. The go-to test, which anybody can perform is the water test. If the diamond sinks to the bottom of a glass of water, it’s real. If it floats, it’s most likely fake but there could still be a chance that it is real. Apart from density, sharpness is a differentiating factor. A real diamond has sharp edges, whereas a fake has rounded-out corners.

Furthermore, heat cannot break a diamond. If you would heat the diamond and drop it into a glass of cold water it will not break whilst a fake will. So to speak, there are many ways one, lacking a trained eye, can tell the difference between a real and fake diamond.

Misleading fake diamonds

Not all fake diamonds are man-made. Some gemstones can be misconstrued as diamonds. This is simply because they are see-through. For example, Though they are normally blue, sapphires can also appear clear. These stones are called white sapphires, they do not share the same shine and sparkle as a diamond. Another example is the white topaz stone. Topaz appear in various colours: yellow, brown, and gray. Unlike the diamond, white Topaz scratches rather easily.

Lab-grown diamonds

Is it real or fake? This is debatable. Though made in a lab, these diamonds carry the same chemical, optical and gemological qualities. Even to a trained eye, it is extremely hard to spot the difference. The CVD (chemical vapour deposition) lab-grown diamonds are made by placing a minuscule slice in a chamber exposed to extreme pressures and heat. After weeks of this, a new diamond is formed.

Some say that these diamonds aren’t real as they aren’t from the earth, others say it is just as real as mined diamonds.


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