Spotted on the catwalks: jewellery trends of Spring/Summer 2022

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The days are getting longer, the weather is getting warmer, and the flowers are starting to bloom. Spring is just around the corner! That means it is time for some new jewellery trends for the spring/summer season of 2022. We will keep you updated again.

Bold and bright

It is time to upgrade your jewellery box with some color. This trend is joyful and a real eye-catcher for the spring and summer. It is not the first-time color is trending. In the 80’s many artists were wearing it. Currently, people love to combine colorful jewellery with beautiful gold pieces. It will make your outfit extra joyful for this spring and summer.

ByJacky’s favorite colorful jewellery is the Nevernot ‘Grab n Go’ – Ready Activate Ring

A trend as old as gold

From colorful pieces to classic gold, this one will never go out of style. When you are fully glammed a gold piece can not be missed. Chunky gold pieces are trending and a must-have for this season! Gold jewellery is classic, and women have been wearing it for decades. Gold radiates luxury and independence. It will give your outfit the extra glam that you are looking for.

ByJacky’s favorite gold piece is the Tweek Solid Gold Starr Earring

Pearl, pearl, pearl

This trend might remind you of your grandma, but not any longer cause pearls are making their comeback. From necklaces to earrings and from rings to bracelets, we can not unsee them this spring/summer season. The pearl is officially the oldest known gemstone, it is a symbol of wealth and power. Many royals like to wear it but also a lot of artist and influencers do as well. It’s a trend for everyone and you can make it as crazy as you like.

ByJacky’s favorite pearl piece is the Vieri The Baroque Pearl Ring Light

Natural beauty

Natural beauty with natural jewellery. Natural toned jewellery can make your look unique and trending. It can be worn everyday; which will give your look a subtle touch of natural beauty. The colors that will give you this look are green and brown-toned colors. Combine these earthy tones with a beautiful gold piece and you are ready to go!

ByJacky’s favorite natural toned piece is the Karolin van loon rocky ring