YOUR STORY - Summer Jewellery Care

How to take care of jewellery during summer

The summer by far is our favorite season, but it does pose some serious threats for your precious jewellery. So today we will discuss summertime jewellery care. How to protect your darlings from the most dangerous summer jewellery hazards?


Boy, do we love the sun. However, just like the sun can harm your skin, it can damage your jewellery too. Keep gemstones out of the rays, to avoid bleaching, weakening, and fading. Natural materials are particularly vulnerable. 


You’ll want to remove your jewellery before making a splash – either in a pool or the sea. Iron, copper and rose gold will corrode quickly when exposed to sea water. Gold, silver, and platinum can also be damaged by sea salt, although it takes much longer. Chlorine can damage and discolour precious metals such as gold and platinum. When sterling silver is exposed to chlorine, it can turn black. Additionally, over time the chemicals can erode the polish and finish of gemstones. Finally, water can shrink your fingers in an instant, creating room for your rings to slip off.


Most sun and bug repellent lotions and sprays won’t seriously damage your jewellery; however, they will build up in the crevices or form a film that makes your precious jewellery look dull and dingy.

Sweat and sand

It’s getting hot in here! With high temperatures, inevitably comes sweating, which can cause your jewellery to seem dirty. Whether you’re playing in the sand or doing some gardening, we recommend you always remove your rings as the sand can scratch metals and soft gemstones.

Home sweet home

If you stick to these rules, your jewellery will return home safe and sound. But whether your jewellery is exposed to these summer elements or not, it will still get dirty with everyday wear. At byJacky we offer a cleaning service for your beautiful jewellery. Our advice is to clean your jewellery every half year - that's our jewellery care!