OUR STORY - The MET Gala 2024: A recap of the jewellery trends

The MET Gala, an event synonymous with luxury and magnificence, has always been a canvas for the world's leading fashion icons to showcase their most daring and stunning ensembles. This year's gala with the theme “The Garden of Time" brought forth a spectacular display of jewellery that not only complemented the couture, but also set the stage for upcoming trends. In this comprehensive review, we explore the four jewellery trends that caught our attention at the MET Gala 2024.

Trend 1: Chandelier Earrings
The allure of chandelier earrings has been rekindled, with celebrities opting for these majestic pieces that exude elegance. These earrings, characterized by their long, dangling form and multiple tiers, have become the embodiment of luxury. They are reminiscent of the opulent chandeliers of grand ballrooms, moving with a harmonious fluidity that captures the light and the eyes of admirers. The intricate craftsmanship behind each earring tells a story of meticulous artistry, making them not just accessories but wearable art. An example of wearable art is The Tourmaline Earring by VIERI, these earrings are more than an accessory.
Trend 2: Chunky Stud Earrings
Defying the traditional delicate stud, this year’s gala saw the rise of chunky stud earrings. These substantial pieces are a bold departure from the norm, with oversized gemstones and bold designs that commanding attention. They testify to the self-confidence of the modern woman and embody strength and presence. The chunky contrast with the more elaborate dresses and add a modern touch to the combination. To steal the spotlight without a MET gala dress you can wear the ‘Show N Tell’ - Sip a Cocktail Earrings from NeverNoT. 
Trend 3: Statement Jewellery
At the heart of the MET Gala’s jewellery trends lies the concept of statement jewellery. This year, the pieces were all about making an impression that lasts beyond the night. Bold necklaces with intricate details, arm cuffs with avant-garde twists, and rings that resemble miniature sculptures graced the red carpet. Each piece was chosen not only for its beauty but for its ability to tell a story, to represent the wearer’s personality, and to stand out in a sea of glamour. A beautiful statement collier in our collection is the Eagle Gold Diamond Necklace from BeeGoddess. This collier is a real statement piece.
Trend 4: Garden-Green Emeralds
A refreshing trend that emerged was the use of garden-green emeralds in various jewellery pieces. These gemstones, with their deep, rich green hue, brought a touch of nature’s best to the gala. The emeralds were set in designs that ranged from classic to contemporary, often surrounded by diamonds that accentuated their verdant glow. They symbolize growth, renewal, and the timeless beauty of the natural world, making them a fitting choice for an event that celebrates the ever-evolving world of fashion. The Grace Emerald Bracelet from Antonellis is a lovely example of a bracelet with garden-green emeralds.
The MET Gala 2024 was not just a showcase of fashion but a testament to the artistry of jewellers who create pieces that can evoke emotion and admiration. As we reflect on the trends that shone brightly this year, we are reminded of the power of jewellery not just as an accessory but as a form of expression that transcends time and trends. The chandelier earrings, chunky studs, statement pieces, and garden-green emeralds are more than just trends; they are a celebration of creativity, craftsmanship, and the enduring allure of fine jewellery.
In conclusion, the MET Gala continues to be a beacon of inspiration, setting the tone for the fashion industry and beyond. The jewellery trends of 2024 will undoubtedly influence designers and enthusiasts alike, sparking a new wave of innovation in the world of high fashion. As we eagerly anticipate the next gala, we carry with us the images of this year’s magnificent jewels, a reminder of the beauty that can be created when art meets fashion.