THEIR STORY - Mix & Match KAAIbags


Last week we interviewed digital Communications & Community Manager Maxime from KAAIbags. She told us about the start of the KAAIbags company and the two businesswomen that created it.

Why was KAAIBags founded?

The 2 interviewed KAAIbags founders, Ine Verhaert, Helga Meersmans, are women with an abundance of experience. Both have had a career in retail and in the fashion industry. In light of these occupations, they have had to travel quite a bit. From one meeting to the other in a variety of countries. 5 years ago they realized something; we are constantly travelling yet a beautiful business bag, which could fit a laptop as well, doesn’t exist. Designer handbags often don’t have a practical layout or lack structure. They simply aren’t made for travel purposes. From this frustration, the idea of a sustainable, functional yet beautifully designed bag came forth. 

Very interesting, so from a market demand a solution was created?

Yes exactly, the founders realized from their personal experience that the options on the market were very limited, if not non existing. Even now, if one tries to find a good, stylish work-life bag for women, there isn’t much choice.

What is the mission of KAAIbags?

Our mission consist of two key pillars. First, women simply deserve to go to work in a stylish manner, bringing some fashion flair into the workplace. On top of that, we’re really a brand that aims on creating meaningful connections between women with ambition, connecting women with similar mindset.

The story of KAAI gives women, from a materialistic standpoint as well as a personal one, a tool which allows them to pursue these ambitions.

How do the people at KAAIbags match their jewellery with the bags? Has this been thought out?

Until this KAAIbags interview, we’ve never really thought about it specifically. Jewellery is something that is very subtle and simply something you wear every day. That’s where jewellery and the collection of KAAI share the same approach.

Jewellery much like bags are luxury items, when you purchase either one it’s often an investment out of the heart. They both come with a strong emotional value attached to it especially since there often gifted or bought for a special occasion. It becomes part of your identity. 

What is your most precious jewellery?

I don’t really have a favorite piece of jewellery yet, but I am getting to a point in my life where I start to attach emotional value to investing in things like jewellery. Especially sustainable pieces that over time you can pass on from one generation to the next. 

Having the opportunity to take elements from jewellery that have been passed down from generation to generation, but transforming them into pieces that reflect your own identity while preserving the emotional value. That’s a beautiful thing!

For 2 years I studied in Lisbon and to close off that chapter in my life, I bought a beautiful piece of jewellery as a daily reminder of the great memories I made there.  

What are you the proudest of within KAAIbags?

I think I can speak for everyone when I say our community. We’re not just a brand that sells handbags, we are a brand that actively builds its community. Bringing together KAAI women everywhere. The bag is a conversation starter for many and that’s what we’re most proud of. Belonging to something beyond just the product.

Shop the bag Jacky is holding here or discover the jewellery combinations.