THEIR STORY - Mix & Match: Pluche swimwear

pluche swimwear

For our latest mix & match, we speak to Bianca from the beautiful lingerie and swimwear store Pluche in Veldhoven, a true concept in the south of the Netherlands. Here it's all about a true lingerie experience! In our latest campaign: Be YOUR own summer muse, you will also see the beautiful collection of Pluche. We are curious to hear her story. 

Why did you start Pluche?

In the distant past, I started a w in swimwear. This was a brand from Bali and had a very good price/quality ratio and the brand was unknown in Benelux. I had to buy this stock myself and at one point I had quite a lot. I heard through the grapevine that I could temporarily rent a building on the Kleine Berg in Eindhoven. No sooner said than done. I liked it a lot! I often got the question: why don't you add lingerie to the collection? Well, that wasn't my piece of cake at the time. After a few months (end of summer) the store closed and the web shop ran for a while. However, the brand eventually took over and I was no longer a 'dealer'.

Did you have some questions about lingerie?

The questions I received about lingerie kept haunting my mind and I thought.... why not! Together with my husband we went to several lingerie stores in the region as customers and had a look around. In the end, he said: you can do this better! It still took more than 1.5 years before I started Pluche.

What is your mission?

My mission is to make every woman feel good in Pluche (swimwear). In lingerie and certainly in swimwear. In swimwear you pretty much walk around naked, it has to be perfect. And at Pluche that doesn't mean that it can only be done in s 36-38-40. Just the opposite. Every woman is beautiful and we give a piece of self-confidence (if necessary). By wearing the right lingerie you already give your body a gift.

How do you pair your jewellery with swimwear?

Well... I'm a frugal one with my stuff. As soon as I go into the water, which is not very often, I take all my jewellery off. To style the look with my swimwear/beachwear, I go with a glitter look for minimalistic jewellery and vice versa. I'm not an eccentric person then, although I see that more often in other ladies and can enjoy it immensely.

What is your most treasured piece of jewellery?

Pooh... my wedding ring.... duhhh. But in 2nd place is my watch. At the beginning of our relationship, we bought a similar watch. These will also go on to the kids (my bonus kids) in the future. I also have a ring from my grandmother. This one I don't wear, but is precious.

How do you make sure you are your summer muse? (Summer goddess, inspiration, etc.)

I'm not working on that. I sometimes follow famous stylists, but that does not make me happy. I let my regular shopping addresses get the best out of me. Because of them, I am at my best! I also message my buddies often enough.

What are you most proud of in your company?

That in the past 9 years we have reached where we are today, from scratch! Pluche (swimwear) is known as a beautiful, high-end store with good and honest advice. Wide range in the medium-high and high segments. We also go for exclusivity and can guarantee our customers that in a certain segment. We take that extra step for the customer.