THEIR STORY - New brand: Celine Roelens

celine roelens ring
A new Belgian brand has been added to the ByJacky family; Celine Roelens. The brand is based in Ghent and focuses on colour stones, making the collection very powerful and original. We spoke to the eponymous founder to ask her some questions about this special brand.

Why did you start your brand?

Because of the family company and the fact that my parents had a passion for jewellery, Celine has a strong attraction to shiny objects. Following my first year of graphic design, my love for creating jewellery really began to outweigh anything else. Celine enrolls in the goldsmith jewellery design course in Antwerp because she wants to master a trade (Belgium). She completes internships in several foreign ateliers (Italy, Germany, etc.) after completing her study, finds employment at the Diamond Club, and eventually earns a degree as "Certified Diamond Grader & Certified Gemologist" at the Diamond High Council in Antwerp (Belgium).

What makes 'Celine Roelens' unique?

The use of colour stones. The diamond is a symbol of our culture, but I find it to be a pretty dull product. In particular, the white variety is not nearly as rare as is stated. Colour stones are the focus of my work; they are rather uncommon in Belgium. As a result, there is little information available about them, which occasionally leads to the unjustified perception that they are inferior. Diamonds are popular and simpler to set in a frame, so many jewellers and jewellery designers concentrate on them. When renowned jewellery companies do use coloured stones, they do it in varieties that the general public is familiar with. Consider pink quartz, citrine, or amethyst. They know those stones are less expensive and easily available. The ones I use are not readily available.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Celine finds inspiration in the idea of powerful women. She hopes to empower women by using her jewelry to help them in their demanding, fascinating, and hectic life. "It is wonderful when a client can discover precisely the right shade to highlight her personality even more," explains Celine.

Where does your love of colour come from?

The majority of my inspiration comes from months-long searches for colour stones. I look for gemstones with as much individuality as I can, like mandarin garnet, indigolite, Paraiba tourmaline, rubellite, or Santa aquamarine. The desire to think outside the box of other jewelry designers is mostly where the love for this stems from. Moreover, the colour stone forms the foundation of the overall design.
We are curious what you think about this colorful collection!