THEIR STORY - Various Types of Rings

types of rings

Rings are our most popular jewellery pieces. People often see these pieces as symbols of love, loyalty, or friendship. This is why people use these pieces so often during weddings or given as gifts. In this blog, we will take you through the five most famous rings.

Eternity Ring

An eternity ring is a ring with a continuous row of identical gemstones or diamonds, and symbolizes infinity and eternity. People often give the ring on special occasions such as anniversaries or as a wedding gift, as a sign of the continuing love and connection between two people. Eternity rings are timeless and elegant. People can wear them as a statement piece or complementary to other rings.

Halo Ring

A halo ring is a popular type of ring where smaller gemstones in the shape of a halo surround a central point. tThe halo effect can additionally make the central stone appear larger and more sparkling. A halo ring can be a striking and glamorous statement piece suitable for various occasions.

Solitaire Ring

A solitaire ring is a ring characterized by a single diamond or gemstone in the center of the ring.  This then forms the focal point of the ring. People know this ring by its simple and timeless design. The classical appearance is usually the reason why people chose engagement rings. The minimalist design of the solitaire ring emphasizes the single stone, making it a popular choice for those looking for a refined and elegant look.

Pave Ring 

A pave ring is a stylish and popular type of ring where people place small diamonds side by side. This then is secured with small metal pins, creating the impression of a "paved" surface. People place the stones in such a way as to capture and reflect the maximum amount of light, giving the ring a striking sparkle.

Signet Ring

A signet ring is a traditional piece of jewellery with a flat, oval or round top. People engrave it with a family crest, initial or other symbols. People often wear the ring as a sign of identity, status, or recognition. Traditionally, people used the signet ring to make prints in sealing wax to seal and secure documents. Nowadays, people wear the ring however as a decorative piece of jewellery.

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