YOUR STORY - Wedding jewellery trends of this season

We are in the middle of spring, and summer is just around the corner. Flowers are blooming and the sun is shining. That means it is the wedding season again! A time full of love and happiness. Make your look complete with the wedding jewellery trends of this season.

Statement pieces

Make your wedding in 2022 count with a statement! The jewellery trend that we are seeing for this season is the statement around your dress. Make your wedding outfit complete with elements that will encourage your look. The elements that will make this look are statement wedding capes, veils and accessories.

Because you cannot have a wedding without any statement, we recommend the earrings pearl creolen and the Yana Nesper pearl bracelet.

Mix and match

Let’s mix and match your outfit together! Wedding dresses that are totally trending this season are two pieces. The fun part about this trend is that you can switch outfits during the day. You can wear a different skirt or top. You can not only mix and match your dress but also do this with your jewellery. Is there a family piece that you love to wear during this day, but you also want to wear a new jewellery piece? Everything is possible!

A perfect mix and match jewellery piece for this day is the Rainbow K Crystal Heart ring!

Flowers flowers flowers

Flowers have always been an important thing at a wedding. The flower pattern is also coming back in the designs for wedding dresses. The comeback is in a beautiful lace but also in 3D elements. Do you just want to keep your dress simple and add flowers in the accessories? You can add flowers to your cape or veil in lace or 3D print. With your jewellery you can choose flowers in the designs.

One of byJacky’s favorite flower jewellery is the gold Flower Quartz Collier.

Design your own

Can’t find your perfect design for this day? Or are you looking for the perfect engagement ring?  Don’t look any further cause with byJacky we can design your dream piece of jewellery together! We will look together at your current jewellery collection to discover your style. From there on we will make sketches and designs for your dream design. When those sketches are done you will see that one piece come to life!


Hopefully you feel up to date about the wedding jewellery trends of the season. Let’s make YOUR perfect piece of jewellery, together!