THEIR STORY - Women's Day inspiration from Princess Margarita

Princess Margarita

De Parme Design, founded by H.R.H. Princess Margarita de Bourbon de Parme from The Netherlands. De Parme Design is unique for its creative vision, which conceptual elements and materials combined to become one. For International Womens Day inspiration we asked this power woman some questions about the power of women.

Could you quote why you think it is good that International Womens Day is being organized?

For years, women have been fighting for equal rights. And although we have achieved many victories, think of the right to vote, the battle is not won yet, think of income differences between men and women. In addition, it is not self-evident that men and women have the same rights in every country. It is important to continue celebrating a day like International Womens day. 

What are inspirational tips that you can pass on to other female entrepreneurs?

I would advise every woman, never make decisions based on fear, but always based on strength. Trust your intuition and never let anyone tell you that you cannot do something. A financially independent woman is a woman in freedom. I believe in the power of nature. If you are in doubt, if you don't know which way to go, if you are at a crossroads, whether it is business or personal, go into nature. Clear your head and often the answers will come naturally.

What aspects do you think women are best in?

I very much believe in the power of women as team players and communicators. Women often create balance and equilibrium in a group. When a group of women unite and work together, they are invincible. When we as women realise that we are stronger together, instead of being each other's competitors, magical things happen.

We hope this give you Womens day inspiration! Get even more inspired by checking the collection!

Womens day inspiration with De Parme design