YOUR STORY - Fall/winter jewellery trends

fall winter jewellery trends

Fall started exactly today which means that a new fashion season has begun. Therefore we would like to provide you the latest jewellery trends (fall or winter), so you can look trendy this season!

The bigger the better

The title says it all; you can go big this winter with your bracelets. From big statement pieces to lots of layering. Now that matching different colors of gold is no longer out of the question, so you can go all out with the combinations.
For instance this big one of de Parme Design.

Eyes don't lie

This is a rather special trend, which has not been seen very often. Wearing jewellery in the shape of a body part. It sounds very crazy, but BeeGoddess  is a good example of a brand that can do this very classy. Symbolizing spirit and wisdom, you can also wear an eye with meaning!

Swing along

The swinging that you similarly see in the summer with airy fabrics, is now also back in the fall. These swinging jewellery follow your every move. From earring drops to personal customized pendants on your bracelet.


Where last year precisely the circles were hot, we approach it differently this year, namely the curves. Be creative with this, because the natural elements that were totally hip last season can also come back here. For instance, a pendant of a moon.

Emotional purchases

Jewellery is beautiful to buy for yourself and for others. Especially when it has sentimental value. A type of jewellery with sentimental value is a piece with a birth stone. Types of jewellery with a birthstone in it are the tennis bracelet with ruby, emerald or blue and yellow sapphire.

Gotten inspiration from the jewellery trends of this fall or winter? Thats something we love to hear! Don't worry, we have more materials to read here