YOUR STORY - Topaz & Citrine: November birthstone

topaz citrine birthstone

Those born in November have two birthstones, namely: Topaz and Citrine. They come most often in sunny colors perfect to brighten up your autumn days! You may know them from the classy Hollywood jewellery or the Art Deco era.


This is the traditional November birthstone. The name originates from the former Egyptian island of Topazos where they probably found the stone. This in comparison to today many places where the stone is found what makes is not necessarily a rare stone. They mainly find it colorless, but it can also turn yellow to amber due to impurities. In some other cases the stone is pink, blue or even rainbow colours.

The Greeks used to believe that if you crush topaz and drink it with wine, you become invisible. People also used it widely in hunting, as they believed it improved eyesight and provided protection from injury. Today it stands for love and affection not only in relationships but also towards friends. People usually giae this as the 4th or 19th anniversaries of marriage. 

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Citrine is the modern birthstone of the month November. Despite being the modern birthstone, it was discovered thousands of years ago when it was first used mainly as a decoration. Later in the 17th century Queen Victoria made costumes of  and later in the Hollywood and Art Deco times it came back completely.

The citrine is a rare stone, which is rarely found in a natural way. Like the amethyst and the smoky quartz, people turn it into the right color by a heat treatment. The hotter the temperature, the darker the color. The commercial citrine of today therefore comes from the amethyst and smoky quartz. It also owes its name to its color, which refers to a lemon.

People used to think that the citrine could protect against bad words and thoughts and even against snakebites. Nowadays due to the color, it stands for positivity, romance and happiness. Take a look at our citrines!