YOUR STORY - Change old jewellery

Do you feel like you have nothing to wear – jewellery wise? Why not take this change to shift through your old jewellery box and look for treasures? In this blog we will show you how: turning something old into something new. After all, you should wear jewellery, not hide in a box.


For starters, sort your jewellery out. Rings go with rings, brooches with brooches, colliers with colliers – you get it. Then, assess every single piece. Ask yourself: Do I like it? Does it make me think of a certain person? Does it bring back memories? Do I have an emotional connection with this piece? If you can say yes to at least one of these questions, I would say the piece is worthy of an upgrade. 


It will surprise you what a good clean does. Basically, there are two options.

You can clean your jewellery yourself at home; Fill a tray with water and vinegar or ammonia, let your jewel soak for a good half an hour and finish with a gentle brush. Voila! Or you can bring your jewellery to a jeweller who will put your pieces in an ultrasonic bath. I can make this happen for you! Just hit me up. 


What to do with inherited pieces you do not like, and therefore never wear? Change them to your taste! Heirloom pieces carry a significance, they’re everlasting and distinctive and tell your family’s story. They are gifts of love and meant to be worn and talked about. Some simple adjustments may already do the trick. A not so pretty ring with a beautiful gemstone? Let’s replace that ring! Never the right occasion to wear grandma’s collier? Why not transform it into a bracelet you’ll want to wear on a daily basis? Are the pieces beyond saving? We can always melt up gold into a pendant. The possibilities are truly infinite. Here, also, I am happy to assist you in this process.

Never feel guilty about adjusting inherited jewellery. The energy and love of the person who used to wear it – or the person that gave it to you – is still in the material. And I am convinced that he or she would rather have you wear it, than for you to keep the old piece like a shrine in a safe.

Say goodbye

In case there is really no love lost between you and the old piece, you can always bring it to a pawn shop in exchange for cash. The material will be recycled – karma! Also, it will save you some money to shop for beautiful, sustainable jewellery at byJacky’s!

Hopefully with these tips you know what to do and how to change your old jewellery into new!