Vieri's designer Guya and her sustainable Earthbeat Foundation

For the Earthbeath Foundation week we interviewed one of our brands, Vieri. Guya is the founder of this wonderful foundation. The Earthbeat Solutions Foundation was founded in 2013 with the aim of creating a future-oriented, sustainable and environmentally friendly use of the raw material gold.

Why was the Earthbeat Foundation established?

Around 25 to 30 million people, including 1 million children, work in gold mines under bad conditions. Violations of human rights, illegal logging and child labour are just a few of the issues that are happening when gold mining. The gold mine workers are constantly exposed to highly toxic chemicals which comes with fatal consequences for not only them but also the environment.

The Earthbeat Foundation was established to support the people in small gold mining regions to build a self-determined life.

What do you mean by sustainable?

We do a lot to find alternatives in the gold mining industry, so that nature can recover from human intervention. Gold mines are in remote areas because heavy machinery and chemicals are used. for us it is important that we treat nature in a respectful way. Sustainability and environmentally friendly, which has no impact on the environment and people. That's the most important. Why is it important to dedicate yourself to sustainability?

We believe that luxury depends on sustainability, which is why we see this as an increasingly important topic. There are too many people in our society who don't know enough about the conditions in gold mines. We want to increase awareness with the foundation. With our dedication, we want to end the harsh and brutal conditions in this industry.

In what way are you committed to sustainability?

We are committed to creating alternative and sustainable income concepts for the gold miners. The "heartbeat honey" project enabled the workers to find a new environmentally friendly workplace.

What is your dream goal with the foundation?

There is no perfect gold mine. By using secondary gold from electronic waste instead of mining new gold, we are replacing small scale mining with urban mining. Our main goal is to help create new possible workspaces for those working in the mining industry, ultimately benefitting nature and people. Neither should lead to gold mining. It is our wish to end small scale mining.

If you want to know more about it or if you want to help by donating, you can go to the website via this link: