THEIR STORY - Interview with founder Anouk NailedIt

Jacky and Anouk, the founder of Nailed It
For byJacky’s latest Mix and Match collaboration we sat down with nail art expert and beauty entrepreneur Anouk Nijs, of Anouk NailedIt jewellery in Eindhoven. We talked about the art of mixing nail art and jewellery and what living your dream means according to Anouk.

What piece of jewellery do you still dream of owning?  

My dream piece of jewellery has to be a classic, blue sapphire ring, also known as the ‘Princess Diana ring’. It’s an 18K white gold ring with a 12 carat oval Ceylon Sapphire that is surrounded by a halo of 14 solitaire diamonds. Personally I think it is an iconic and timeless piece in fashion and jewellery. This is a ring that many women dream of owning. It’s worth the investment and can be passed onto future generations. 

How can jewellery and nails enhance each other? 

In my opinion nails are often an extension of what you wear. By adding colour or a print to your nails you’re adding the final touches to your look. This means you can pull your outfit together with both jewellery and your nails. 

What should you pay attention to when combining jewellery with nails? 

Balance is the most important thing when you’re combining jewellery and your nails. You don’t want to have a very loud nail art print on your nails with statement jewellery. The balance is gone and it becomes a bit too much. There should be a fine balance between both. So your nails and your jewellery enhance each other. 

What kind of jewellery do you prefer to match with coloured or printed nails?  

I personally like classic jewellery. It might be a safer choice, but by adding classic jewellery you can go for coloured or printed nails to add a statement, which I love. The attention gets caught by your nails and with the movements of your hands you can draw more attention to your jewellery so it’s enhanced by each other. 

How do you make sure you live your dream? 

It’s by discovering my passion and making a job out of my passion that I can now say I live my dream. We’re often doing things because we have to and not because we love doing them. Because of that I now also live more intensely. I soak every moment of it in. Because of that I wake up every morning with an intense feeling of gratitude.  

Want to know more about Anouk NailedIt jewellery? Visit her instagram or website.