YOUR STORY - Investing in Jewellery

Investing in jewellery

Just like in real estate or in shares, you can also invest in jewellery. Unfortunately, not all jewellery are suitable for this.  We will tell you all about what you should be attention to when you are doing this investment. 

Investing in jewellery is especially attractive in the materials, it is important to pay attention to rare materials. If the raw material can run out and there is a lot of demand for it at that moment, it can become worth a lot. For example, gemstones and precious metals can become very interesting.


Of course, the diamond is in the list of gemstones, since the crisis in 2008 until the outbreak of COVID-19, it had only increased. So, COVID-19 has also affected the supply and demand in the world of gemstones. Now since a month the diamond is rising in value again. Experts expect this will only increase. It requires no maintenance, thanks to the strength of the material. Also, because it is well resistant to inflation, currency fluctuations and credit crises, there is little risk in the investment. The rule of quality over quantity applies to this gemstone, to know more about the quality rules we have made a blog about it.


The next gem that is highly valued among investors is ruby. This keeps its value well and is especially popular in untreatable pieces from Myanmar. They can be found in their darkest color and that makes it extra precious. It can fetch more than $1 million per carat at auction. After the diamond, this is the hardest gemstone, so they easily remain beautiful.


The emerald has not always been popular among investors. Previously, the value was immense fluctuating, but since a long time it has become very stable as it becomes more and more difficult to find these of high quality. The green emerald remains the favorite of investors and like the ruby also the untreatable stones. Recently, an emerald fetched $300,000 a carat at auction.


Sapphire is the famous gemstone from Princess Diana's ring. The classic blue color that she wore at the time is the best choice for investors because it has an ever-increasing value. The sapphire can be found in all colors, but the deeper the color, the higher the value. Recently, a carat fetched $50,000 at auction. 

Investing is never a guarantee of financial return, but the rarer the material and the higher the demand, the more it will yield at the end. Ofcourse, jewellery is also about beauty and emotion and not just about value. ByJacky also has jewellery from all these beautiful gemstones in the collection, so check it out!