THEIR STORY - New brand: Yana Nesper

We proudly announce a new jewellery brand into the byJacky community: Yana Nesper. Her designs are unique because she uses different kinds of pearls with a modern twist. We asked the eponymous owner a couple of questions, for you to get to know the brand a bit more!

Why did you start this brand?

I have always been a creative and art-loving person, long before I met my husband Frank and got introduced to pearls. Beautiful and aesthetic things please me - jewellery, fashion and a sense of style play a big role in my life. When I became part of my husband’s family business, I decided to get creative with jewellery designs. We immediately knew that this was where my talents and aspirations would find a perfect home and founded YANA NESPER.

What makes your jewellery brand unique?

In terms of quality, our jewellery is simply unique because we start from the very beginning with each piece. From the raising and harvesting of pearls in the world’s most beautiful bays and rivers. We package our pieces with love and care and ship them out to our customers. We are present in the entire process of crafting a pearl ring, necklace, bracelet or earring. This helps us to secure the best possible quality each and every time.

From a purpose-driven perspective, our pieces are special because they are more than business. Pearls have a deep, nostalgic history within our family. They are what our lives are built around, there are memories surrounding them. YANA NESPER is also my opportunity to live out my creative aspirations when designing pieces. I can also use the platform I have been fortunate to build for good. For example we have a Pink Pearl collection against breast cancer or my current donation initiative for the Ukraine. The purpose of the brand gets a deeper meaning by considering these personal aspects and I am very proud of that.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

My inspiration is often tied to it: Italian opulence, Japanese minimalism, French elegance - all of these impressions leave me with fresh thoughts, emotions and ideas in mind that help me create unconventional designs for our pearls. I also draw inspiration from fashion photography, such as volumes by Karl Lagerfeld, Helmut Newton or Peter Lindberg or my international Vogue collection. My own sense of beauty and style, inspired by my upbringing and proud cultural heritage in the Ukraine, is another visible element in each and every one of my pearl creations that I think makes our pieces uniquely beautiful.

Where does your love for pearls come from?

My love for pearls is tied to my love story with my husband, Frank. It was through him that I was introduced to the world of pearls, the world’s most stunning jewel in my eyes. His knowledge, care and deep understanding of pearls fascinated me from the very beginning and further intrigued me to get to know the precious beads.

What is your dream with YANA NESPER?

My ultimate purpose with this brand is to create jewellery that I know will be with people for a lifetime. Knowing I design jewellery that bring people joy - whether that is everyday or just once for a special occasion. Convinced as I am, I say that a beautiful earring, necklace or bracelet is much more to a woman than just an accessory: it can be a reminder and amplifier of feeling her best, her most beautiful and her most elegant, and that is what I want anyone who wears YANA NESPER to experience.

Want to have a look at her designs? View her jewellery pieces here!