OUR STORY - Iconic City Signature Jewellery

Discover the story behind our Iconic City Signature Jewellery. The piece of jewellery that fits seamlessly into a woman's silhouette.
The enchantment of Rome, the romantic of Venice and the classical of Florence. These iconic elements have been the starting point of my journey, to create create my first designs. Together with the amazing Atelier in Italy and our fantastic goldsmith in Antwerp, we designed an our first Iconic City Signature Jewellery.
This first line was born from the intrinsic desire, to design something that is classic and at the same time unconventional. Something that is a statement and yet could be worn every day. And that, in my view, does not yet exist in the market. It is often one or the other: so very classic or a statement piece, but that tension between the two is often what I recognize in many women.
My jewellery is not made to envy; it is designed to enhance a woman's own signature of the woman. My goal was to develop a collection that is timeless. Where your eye is diverted to the jewellery every time. For me, a piece of jewellery is an investment in the future but above all, a piece of jewellery is a very personal signature, allowing a person to express herself.
I have traveled all over the world from my profession, seen a lot of cities. Very Studied a lot of women. Looked with the best designers in the world at the most beautiful collections and all this experience, which I gained from the age of nineteen, thanks to my father, I have summarized in my new line.
And then when I see, that a woman recognizes her own signature in one of my or our jewellery, that is the moment when I realize that not I chose this profession, but the profession chose me. The profession is so much more, than just buying and selling beautiful jewellery.
In my mind, every piece of jewellery has its own story. The designers why they make it, and what they hope the wearer finds in it. You why you buy and wear. And finally my story, why I came to these very collections and now to my own line. Their story – Your story – Our story.

Proudly, I am now going to tell you about the jewellery:

Venice; the earrings
All eyes on you. How you look at life and life looks at you.

Florence; the ring
Let's rock. You make the impossible possible.

Rome; the bracelet
Simplicity of love. From love you can create what you dream of.