OUR STORY - Interview Jacky: YOUR Wonderful Journey

The end of the year marks an important time when we reflect, evaluate, and look forward to new moments. Our new campaign, YOUR Wonderful Journey, takes you on the journey you've travelled this past year and into the start of the new year. Additionally, it combines travel, adventure, and the story behind the jewellery. With Jacky, we delve into her memories of Christmas and travelling.
What kind of jewellery do you consider the best Christmas gift?
For me, the ideal Christmas jewel is, on one hand, a statement piece. I already own beautiful classic pieces, so something striking, something you can't overlook. I have the enormous luxury of choosing from many diverse jewellery, but my current favorites are a colorful eye-catcher from NeverNot or a large ring from Antonellis.
On the other hand, I also think a beautiful tennis bracelet or a ring with a stunning gemstone would be wonderful as a Christmas gift.
Do you have a favorite jewellery that holds special meaning for you during the Christmas period?
During Christmas, I especially wear my grandmother's heirlooms, which hold emotional value for me. The story behind jewellery is what makes it particularly special.
Have you ever bought a special piece of jewellery during a trip or that reminds you of a specific journey?
During my recent trip to Rome, my friend gave me a beautiful bracelet. He usually never buys jewellery, considering my work in the industry, but he thought it would be nice to surprise me during our trip.
Also, during my trip to Sri Lanka, I bought my first loose sapphire gemstone, which I later had incorporated into a ring.
What is your most memorable travel experience to date, and why did this journey leave such an impression?
My most memorable travel experience is quite diverse. From spending the holidays in the snowy Swiss mountains to exploring amazing cities. But this year, my trip to South Africa left a significant impression on me.
Travelling is a constant thread in my life. It's a way to recharge, gain inspiration, and reconnect with myself, to enjoy the simple pleasures in life. That's why I wanted this campaign to revolve around travel because everyone embarks on their own journey, whether far away or close by, always with cherished jewellery as companions.