OUR STORY - Jewellery season trends

jewellery season trends
The jewellery season trends for SS23 promise to be stylish and eye-catching, with a focus on colour, texture, and shape. Key trends include the use of colourful gemstones, such as emeralds. This in various jewellery pieces, varying from earrings to bracelets and colliers. Punk details are also popular in jewellery, including studs, spikes, and chains, while thick chains continue to be a recurring trend as statement pieces. 

Coloured stones

Coloured stones are a huge trend for the upcoming season. We see the trend in rainbow sapphire, which brings together different colours in one jewellery piece, such as in stretchy rings. We also see an increasing demand for emeralds. One of the reasons why emerald is so popular is because of its vivid and intense colour that gives an elegant look. It goes well with both white gold and yellow gold jewellery and you can easily combine it with other gemstones.

Punk details

The trend of punk details in jewellery is popular among designers who focus on sustainable and ethical fashion. Many designers use recycled materials and sustainable production methods to make their punk-inspired jewellery, making the trend even more appealing to those who are environmentally conscious. Punk aesthetics are characterized by tough, edgy, and often unconventional designs. They can include different elements, such as spikes, studs, chains, and metal details.  

Thick chains

Thick chains are striking and add a tough and edgy touch to any outfit. They can be combined with thin chains for a layered look or worn with statement earrings or bracelets.  

Chandelier earrings

Chandelier earrings are earrings that stand out with their long design and multiple hanging elements. The design is reminiscent of a chandelier, hence the name "chandelier." The design of chandelier earrings varies from simple and refined to extravagant and bold, depending on the occasion and personal taste.
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