OUR STORY - Treating gemstones

Understanding proper treatment techniques is essential to maintain the beauty of gemstones. The treatment of gemstones includes a wide range of techniques used to enhance the colour, clarity and durability of stones. These techniques can include natural methods, such as heating or oils, or more advanced processes such as irradiation or coating. The main purpose of these treatments is to improve the aesthetic characteristics of the stones to make them more attractive.

Heating: revealing hidden splendour

A common treatment for gemstones is heating. In this technique, stones are exposed to high temperatures to enhance certain characteristics, such as colour and clarity. Heating can also reduce internal stresses in the stone, preventing cracks and fractures. The result is a gemstone that looks more vibrant and radiant.

Oils: the key to brilliance and protection

For some gemstones, such as emeralds, oils can be a crucial treatment to enhance their beauty and reduce cracks or fractures. Applying a special oil to the stone's surface fills microscopic gaps and reduces visible imperfections. This technique not only improves the glow of the gemstone, but also helps increase its durability. However, it is important to know whether the oil treatment is temporary and needs to be repeated periodically. This way, the natural colours and brilliance of the stone are accentuated, making it even more beautiful.

Irradiation: changing or improving colour

Irradiation is a process in which gemstones are exposed to a source of radiation to change or enhance their colour. This is often applied to diamonds, sapphires and topazes to make their colours more vivid. The irradiation process can be done in several ways. It can be done using an irradiation furnace or by exposing individual gemstones to radiation sources. This radiation can activate impurities in the crystal structure, changing the gemstone's colour.

Coating: improve the appearance

Coating is a surface treatment applied to gemstones to improve their appearance. This technique involves applying a thin layer of artificial material, such as oil or resin, to the surface of the stone. The coating can serve several purposes. It can help hide unwanted features, such as scratches or imperfections, making the stone look more beautiful and smooth. In addition, it can also enhance or change the colour of the gemstone.

Treating gemstones is a fascinating aspect of the world of jewellery and key to highlighting their natural beauty. By being aware of the different treatment techniques, you can make the most of your beautiful gemstone jewellery.