THEIR STORY - Carolien Spoor-Karthaus' jewellery organizer

jewellery organizer

Today, we are going to take a look into the jewellery organizer of multi-talent Carolien Karthaus-Spoor. She is a Dutch actress who has played several roles. She played in Goede Tijden, Slechte Tijden, Zwarte Tulp and the Oscar winning film Antonia. Together with a friend, she founded Lemej Amsterdam. They sell luxurious breastfeeding shawls. In addition to Lemej Amsterdam, she is a content creator and mother of two beautiful sons. We sat down with this multi-hyphenate to ask her some questions. 

What is your jewellery style?

Just like my clothing style, my jewellery style is different every day. I especially ove antique jewellery, this becuase I inherited it from my parents who were antique dealers. It will never be the case that I wear just 1 small ring or earring. Usually I wear all three of my ear piercings on both sides are decorated with earrings and I wear a ring on almost every finger. My jewellery style is definitely not boring!

What is your story behind your jewellery (organizer)?

Behind every piece of my jewellery is a story. An heirloom, bar gold, engagement ring: when I look at my jewellery, every item brings me back to a precious moment or person in my life. I like to invest in jewellery that lasts a lifetime. And just like my clothes, never buy 'fast' jewellery inspired by certain trends. These items often don't last long, because the quality is low. 

What is your mission with Lemej Amsterdam?

Together with my best friend Evelyne, we started Lemej for mothers who wants to pick up their own rhythm after birth. We had the goal to start this without making concessions to the needs of their little one. We have heard many stories from mothers who find it a huge hassle to feed outside or in the presence of others. It is for this reason they stay in longer during the first period. Some even stop breastfeeding earlier. With our nursing scarves, we hope to give young mothers a bit of confidence. Being able to go out and about with their little one. We also wanted to give a 'high fashion' and luxurious feeling when using our shawls, which is why we work with high quality fabrics and prints.

We were missing a handy tool ourselves with which we could create a peaceful environment for our little one to feed anytime, anywhere. Our scarf allows you to keep eye contact with your baby at all times: creating a safe and calm 'cocoon' by keeping out external stimuli. But the scarf is also ideal for pumping: you can just stay at the table as a mother instead of tucking yourself away in a dirty toilet or the back seat of a car. Sometimes the confusion arises that the product is made for the outdoor environment, but that is absolutely not our intention. We make our product 100% for the mother.

Where do you get your inspiration from, both in business and in your jewellery style?

EVERYWHERE! From girlfriends to magazines and socials, I love being inspired by enthusiastic stories, personal styles and tales.

What is your key business tip?

Start your business if it is something you truly believe in and only feel JOY for when you are working on it. It does not matter how long it takes you to get where you want to be with your business. What matters is that you can get infinite happiness and positivity out of it, so that you can keep going until you achieve success. It's all about the process and way to get there rather than just the end result.

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