THEIR STORY - Designer inspiration

unique jewellery making

We love our unique designers and with their unique jewellery designs, there comes different muses. Are you curious about the designer inspiration? 

Yana Nesper 

My inspiration is often tied to travelling: Italian opulence, Japanese minimalism, French elegance. All of these impressions leave me with fresh thoughts, emotions and ideas in mind for unconventional designs for our pearls. I also draw inspiration from fashion photography. Examples are volumes by Karl Lagerfeld, Helmut Newton or Peter Lindberg or my international Vogue collection. Moreover, my own sense of beauty and style, inspired by my upbringing and proud cultural heritage in the Ukraine. This is another visible element in each and every one of my pearl creations that I think makes our pieces uniquely beautiful and radiates unmatched elegance.  

Carol Kauffmann 

On one of my latest collections , “the Shadows Collection “ I was inspired by the work of Art of a Brazilian Artist Frans Krajcberg. I got inspiration because he created his first sculptures and paintings expressing the direct exposure to nature and an attempt to make elements of the natural environment the sole material used in his works. In 1951, he also participated in the 1st São Paulo Art Biennial.) He used giant roots and pieces of trees that he found in the ground  to produce his incredible sculptures Always respecting Nature.  


We get inspiration through life, simple moments with friends, family and travelling. The main inspiration behind the brand came from a shared passion for new adventures. Because we love colour and mixing and combining different combinations in our pieces we have joy and passion and we are looking forward to work on new collection to launch in September! 


I get my inspiration from the lines of the Nature's World: waves and leaves, flowers and rocks. Nature's World is made precious in our creations, as if a wizard made a spell and the details of a natural element could be enchanted. And then the precious stones: each colour, each shadow enhanced in the surprising match of precious stones. 

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