THEIR STORY - Interview Karolin van Loon

Inspired by the rawness of nature, Karolin van Loon adds value with care. No alterations, just additions. Finding the right blend demands practice, no fixed rules. As Andree Putman said, "Sincerity is key. And strangely, it works." In Karolin van Loon's work, natural connections and unique identities merge for mutual enhancement.
What inspired you to become a jewellery designer and what makes your designs unique?
I found that there were few jewellery brands on the market that are both 'precious,' made with 18ct gold and diamonds, and also exude a certain 'coolness.' And I have always enjoyed working with color, texture, and nature.
Can you tell us more about the process of selecting and processing geodes in your jewellery collections?
We travel to the mine in Mexico once a year, where I personally select all the stones and bring them back to Belgium. From then on, my design process begins. I first examine what nature has given us and then I devise the designs.
What challenges do you encounter when working with geodes in jewellery? Are there specific technical or artistic aspects to consider during the design process? The geodes are millions of years old and never the same. So sometimes we have to search for a similar stone for a long time, and often it's not always the stone they had in mind, so that remains a challenge.
What do you hope people feel or experience when wearing one of your pieces of jewellery?
The geodes have a unique energy, which is in the hollow part in the middle. That energy will attract you or not. In fact, the stone chooses you, not the other way around. The fact that no one on earth has the same one is the ultimate luxury for me.
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