THEIR STORY - Interview: Ventuno Skylounge

Ramzy Group is a family business that laid its foundations in 1993 in Amsterdam. With several hospitality and real estate companies happy: growing the empire Ramzy Group. Young entrepreneur Ramez Ramzy (30) is the CEO of Ramzy Group. He has taken over his father's family business and now runs it together with his sister Katrina Ramzy. Ramez has many ambitions and with VENTUNO he is taking his next step to make his dreams come true.
What is the concept of VENTUNO?
VENTUNO is the restaurant that stands head and shoulders above Amsterdam: here, life is delicious. With floor-to-ceiling windows and a terrace with an amazing view, you can look down on the city from on high while enjoying the best that modern Italian cuisine has to offer. VENTUNO offers you the opportunity to rise above your everyday life in a unique, spectacular setting reminiscent of the Italian restaurants of New York in the 1920s: lavish, but stylish. No expense has been spared to make this space an experience unparalleled in Amsterdam.
What inspired Ramez Ramzy to take over the family business and start VENTUNO as the next step in his entrepreneurial journey?
VENTUNO is part of Ramez Ramzy's entrepreneurial journey within the family business Ramzy Group. His passion for innovation and commitment to creating unique experiences for guests encouraged him to launch VENTUNO. He saw it as an opportunity to combine his family's rich history and traditions with modern technology and design. Thus was born an innovative concept that pushed the boundaries of hospitality and gastronomy in Amsterdam.
How has VENTUNO managed to distinguish itself from other restaurants in Amsterdam and what elements contribute to the unique experience it offers its guests?
VENTUNO manages to distinguish itself from other restaurants in Amsterdam through a combination of factors. First of all, it is the unique location on the 21st floor of the Ruby Emma Hotel, with a breathtaking view of the city. This offers guests a spectacular atmosphere and ambiance. Second, VENTUNO capitalizes on art and technology. In each room, AI-generated artwork depicts stories by female characters. By fusing the tangible and digital worlds, VENTUNO aims to accentuate its innovative spirit. Indeed, each work of art is not only physically on display, but also a digital asset in the form of an NFT. This technology allows guests to own a work of art themselves and become part of the expressive, vibrant world of VENTUNO. In addition, VENTUNO offers support to young entrepreneurs and creatives, in line with the mission of Ramzy Group and Ramez Ramzy. It provides a stage for emerging talents such as Rosalie Boonstra and Stefan Sumual. This means that VENTUNO is not only a gastronomic destination, but also an incubator for innovation and creativity in Amsterdam. This enriches the unique experience for guests and continues Ramzy Group's mission to encourage and support young talent.

VENTUNO, under the guiding hand of Ramez Ramzy, not only offers a feast for the senses but also a promise of more to come in the ever-evolving story of the Ramzy Group. With a commitment to innovation, a reverence for tradition, and a vision for the future, the journey continues, and the best is yet to come.