THEIR STORY - Interview with Kluist

kluist safe

For 50 years, the family-owned company Kluist has been passionate about safes and has expertise in the field. Kluist contributes to the care for the best possible theft protection with its high-quality products. They offer unconditional service, providing discreet and professional placement, as well as a non-binding consultation where they come to you. There are many similarities between our company and theirs, which is why we are talking with them about their passion.

What are the most important factors to consider when choosing a safe for jewellery and other valuables?

The most important factors are: Is there valuable possessions insurance? If so, are there specific requirements from the insurer regarding the certification of the safe? 

Additionally, it is essential to choose a good and correct location for the safe, as it should be easy to use. Typically, people tend to hide a safe in an attic or a basement, but we always recommend a location close to where one wakes up in the morning and locks up at night. More and more, a safe is becoming a practical object rather than a necessary evil. For this reason, we also offer some safes with interior features such as watch winders, jewellery drawers, etc.

What types of safes are most suitable for home use, and what specific features should customers consider?

Lightweight and certified safes are most suitable for home use. More important than that is the location (as mentioned above) and the ease of opening; traditionally, a safe has a key, but we prefer an electronic code lock. Everything to make the use of the safe as simple as possible.

What security measures can I take to make my safe even safer?

Other security measures such as an alarm system are essential. A safe can be heavy and large, but with time, everything can be opened and taken away. When a safe is in a room with an alarm, the person attempting to crack or remove the safe will have limited time and the risk is minimal.

What additional services do you offer, such as installation and maintenance?

Our service starts with a free and non-binding consultation on site; together, we look at the customer's (and third party's) requirements and the best safe location for it. After that, we are always happy to take care of the installation to provide the most discreet and professional installation possible; after all, the goal is to inform as few people as possible about the safe. In addition, we also move safes and provide maintenance for existing safes.

What is the best way to anchor my safe to prevent it from being stolen or moved?

It is best to outsource this to a specialist. When anchoring a safe, the structural floor/wall where the safe is placed should be examined, and the correct anchoring method should be applied based on this. Additionally, we have our own stair robots and cranes to place safes on the upper floors and in basements.

Do you want to know more about Kluist's safes? You can ask us! Or make an appointment for a non-binding consultation.