THEIR STORY - Muses of the designers

Alike love, it often comes to us when we’re not seeking for it: muse, a feeling of enthusiasm you get from someone or something, which gives you new and creative ideas. There is no single, set way to make every person feel inspired. That is because we are all different and get muses from different things. This also means that the muses of the designers are different.

However, there certainly are ways to accelerate the process of inspiration. For jewellery designers, inspiration is key, which makes us wonder where byJacky’s designers draw their inspiration from, how they’ve trained themselves in finding it and how they translate inspiration into the beautiful designs they create.  Let's talk about the muses of the designers! 

De Parme

“I draw my muse primarily from nature and also by the reflection of light, art inspired on nature, graphic design, vintage jewellery and so much more.” HRM Princess Margarita de Parme de Bourbon. “While working in my forest situated studio I find that the Dutch Landscape, the movement of light and graphic patterns in nature are all inspirational to me. Sometimes I take photographs, sometimes I draw and that is how my jewellery collection Leaves was created.”


Alessa’s Yuvi finds her muse “everywhere, looking for constant stimulation is important. From art to nature and sacred spaces and practices which nurture my creative flow.” Part two of the designer duo Alessa loves to combine inspiration of art, nature, animals and magical creatures into her designs: “As a creator I spend timeless hours in my studio before unveiling my ideas, but when I finally feel that the pieces for a new collection are unique, that is when I decide to bring it to life.” 


Guya Merkle finds inspiration in people: “Mostly from women and the different roles they are able to combine. I love that.”


Founder Ece Sirin studied numerous spiritual paths for many years, her search carried her to the world of mythology, alchemy, goddess spirituality and symbolism. Amongst other sources, the brand takes inspiration from the fertility, creativity and loving compassion from the Bee Goddess. She is the mother of all Goddesses from Catalhoyuk, the first settlement of the world dating back to 7500 BC. 


One of our latest brands, Borgioni, got its inspiration from a family heirloom. Mother and daughter transformed grandmother’s heirlooms into new pieces and gained lots of attention with it. Borgioni – grandmother’s maiden name - was born. 

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