YOUR STORY – Jewellery trends spring/summer 2024

Flowers are starting to grow again, as temperatures rise and days get longer; spring is coming. The jewellery trends for the spring/summer 2024 season are promising and offer a plethora of beautiful options to express your personal style. Below are three notable trends that you should not miss.
Trend 1: Ocean influence
This trend of ocean-inspired accessories pays homage to the beautiful waters and the wonderful nature that lives in them. Whether you opt for big statement pieces or subtle details, be inspired by the ocean's influence and let your unique style shine.
One of the striking accessories we see with this trend are showy large necklaces with, for example, a lobster attached. These stylish jewels bring the beauty of the ocean straight to your everyday look. If you are looking for a really special necklace, the "VIERI X BIBI VAN DER VELDEN SQUID COLLIER" comes highly recommended. However, not everyone wants to wear large and eye-catching jewellery. Fortunately, there are numerous options within this trend that are more subtle but still capture the essence of the ocean. Think, for example, of small charms in the shape of shells or fish or pearls. These small details add an elegant touch to your outfit, perfect for everyday wear. This way, you give your look that little bit extra without going overboard. This trend is really for everyone, so which piece of jewellery will you go for to match?
Trends 2: Super Sized
Jewellery has always been an important part of the fashion world. They add a touch of glamour and beauty to any outfit. But this year, it's not just about subtlety and sophistication. No, this year it's about grandeur and eye-catching.
Super sized jewellery is all the rage. Think big statement necklaces, oversized earrings and spectacular bracelets. These jewels make a real statement and show that you dare to stand out. But where does this trend come from? It seems that people need something different, something that fully expresses their personality. Large, sculptural jewellery can be a perfect way to bring out your individuality. In addition, it is also a way to exude self-confidence. Wearing large jewellery shows that you are proud of who you are and that you are willing to stand out. So what are you waiting for? Go in search of that perfect super sized jewellery and show the world who you really are. Dare to stand out and be proud of your own style. With large, sculptural jewellery, you are the one who steals the show.
Trend 3: Standout Earring
If you love eye-catching accessories, then the standout earring trend is really for you. It's time to wear big, bold and colourful earrings that draw all the attention. Dare to experiment with vibrant colours and unique shapes to give your jewellery collection an all-eyes-on-you look.
These jewellery trends for the spring/summer 2024 season offer new opportunities to reflect your personal style and complete any outfit. Take the time to find the perfect earrings that suit you and let yourself shine. Consider the "NEVERNOT 'GRAB N GO' - READY 2 SMILE EARRINGS", a colourful must-have. Be inspired by the latest trends and transform your look with surprising combinations that express your personality and allow you to tell a story. Discover for yourself which trends best suit your style and shine with the stunning jewellery trends for the spring/summer 2024 season!