YOUR STORY - The rare december birthstone

Tanzanite birthstone


Are you born in December? Then the rare Tanzanite is connected to you. They discovered this very precious blue gemstone in 1968, making it one of the most recent additions to the list of birthstones. People only found the December birthstone Tanzanite in certain parts of the world, namely in the Merelani Mountains of Kilimanjaro. As the name somewhat reveals, the stone originates from Tanzania.

Origin Story

According to legend, Tanzanite was first discovered by shepherds who witnessed a lightning strike. This strike transformed from brown stones into beautiful blue gems. It was not just anyone who saw the rarity of the stone; Tiffany & CO noticed that this stone resembled sapphire and understood its potential. They ultimately, by showing and deriving its potential, became the largest distributor. At this moment, 80% of the birthstone is still brown and requires heat treatment to give them a different color such as blue, pink, or purple.


The funny thing is that each color has its own meaning. Violet for one represents mystery and magic. Dark Tanzanite on the other hand symbolizes achievements, dreams, and their realization. The indigo color in its turn represents the heart and intellect. There is one general rule important; the darker the stone, the more luxurious the meaning.


The stone itself is one thousand times rarer than a diamond. Whether it requires heat treatment determines the value of the stone. If Tanzanite is found underground in the right color, it is even rarer and therefore more expensive. It is also a gift for the 24th wedding anniversary.

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